The dawn of a new year is upon us and maybe you feel the pressure of making resolutions.  To loose weight, get organized, and basically do and be better than you are right now.

But is there really anything wrong with the way you’ve been doing or being?

I mean your you right? And you’re pretty darn amazing, really.  So why all the fuss about trying to create a better version of you?  Why not just get better at, well… being you!

Resolutions always left me feeling bad and judging myself because I couldn’t magically change over night. So a few years ago I made my last resolution. Now, I make what I like to call evolutions.  Because it just makes more sense.

I realized that change happens in a sort of evolution- little by little, over time. I also realized there was a way to embrace all of me, even the parts I didn’t like so much, and that by embracing and accepting those parts I could evolve myself in the direction I wanted to go.


It gave me space to appreciate what each year taught me, and what’s even better…

I started to like myself more.

I started to judge myself less.

I saw that through the act of gently evolving myself, I learned to be better at being me.


Here are 12 things I learned in 2014 that made me better at being me.

1- It’s okay to be seen. I spent a long time afraid of being seen- fear that I would not measure up.  This year I got cozy with the idea of people seeing me and knowing what I’m about.

2- Green smoothies make me feel awesome.

3- My cat thinks I’m a rock star.  (It’s possible this might make me an actual rock star. Yes?)

4- I can play my cello in front of folks without dying, even if it isn’t perfect.  (Like I did at cello camp!)

5- It’s okay if everything isn’t perfect, feeling calm and enjoying the process has more value.

6- There is no substitute for good comfortable shoes.

7- Stop looking to others for the answers.  Trust yourself.

8- You know more than you think you know.  Trust yourself.

9-  Slinging paint onto a canvas can teach you a lot about trusting yourself.

10- The folks who love you will always love you. No matter what.


Bu-bye 2014! (blows kisses + throws hugs)  Thanks for all the lessons.

How bout you? What would you like to evolve in 2014? Tell me! Tell me!