Yoga teachers- this ones’s for you!

In my last post you learned how to write a terrific testimonial.

Today, we’re goning to explore how to ask for one.

Testimonials help potential clients understand if your business is a good fit for them. But sometimes getting a client to write a testimonial can be like pulling teeth. Pain-ful!

It’s not that your clients don’t want to give you a testimonial; it’s just that they don’t always know how to do it. Maybe they’re worried they don’t write well enough, or maybe they just don’t have time to actually sit down and do it.

Whatever the reason, it can leave your client feeling squeezed and you feeling guilty for asking for a testimonial in the first place.  No fun.

There’s an art to gathering testimonials

The truth is there is an art to gathering testimonials.  It revolves around asking in a way that makes it fun + easy for your clients to give one.

So the question is… how to ask?

Well, nicely of course!

But, beyond that there are some simple steps you can take to make it much easier.

Here are 2 ways to ask for testimonials

1- The feedback form

Put together a simple form with questions or prompts.  The trick here is to ask clear questions so your client knows exactly what you are looking for.

When creating your form, think about the tips in the previous post.  Try to build your form around specific points that will clarify the work you do and the results your clients are getting.  Try to keep it short. (10-12 questions max!)

Once you get the form back from your client, review it and gather the most juicy + relevant bits for a testimonial.

Examples of questions:

-What was the reason you decided to begin yoga sessions?  What did you need help with?

-What was your most favorite thing about your sessions?

-If someone asked you about doing sessions what would you say to them?

-Name three specific changes you noticed from our work together?

-Is there anything else you would like to share about your sessions?

2- The interview

Sometimes I find it’s much easier to just have a conversation with my client. So I’ll ask if it’s okay to record a conversation with them. I always let them know that I won’t be sharing the recording with anyone; I’ll be going back later and writing a testimonial from the recording. This way they don’t have to do any writing. Easy breezy!

I’ll ask specific questions, often strait from my feedback form.  Then I go back, listen to the recording and gather the most juicy + relevant bits for a testimonial.  Voila!

This is very important

Once you have put the bits and pieces from your questionnaire/recording into a testimonial, send a copy to your client for final approval.  You want to be certain it reflects their experience accurately.

Include an escape clause

There are times when a client does not want their feedback shared with the world, and that’s ok.  Always respect their desire for privacy by giving them option to decline your request for a testimonial. Let them know you understand their wishes and how much you appreciate their honesty.

That’s it!

Now, run along and create your feedback forms + make it easy for your clients to give you a clear and compelling testimonial every time.  Whoo-Hoo!