Getting healthy…
doesn’t have
to be painful

Why not love yourself – to better health?

No more punishing workouts. No more starvation diets. No more judgements that make you feel like no matter what you do – it will never be good enough.

Just fresh ideas, new adventures, and a passion for a healthier, happier life.

Photo Retreats

You deserve to have photos that make you feel beautiful and capture your personality.

Your business deserves to have photos that tell a story and help you connect with your clients.

Not a fan of getting your photo taken?

Health & Well-Being

Get healthy without all the fad diets and latest ways to torture yourself.

Just you – and me – and a few friends.

Living in the real world – with cake and stuff.

Walking the path to a healthier happier life.


It’s All One Big Adventure.

Until someone gets tired – then it’s all one big nap!

Stories – Adventures – Discoveries – and Food.

What more could a girl ask for?

You’ll find it all – right here in my blog.

It’s all one big adventure.

Lucy Lu – Fancy Portraits

Lucy Lu – Fancy Portraits

Little Lucy Lu Came to the studio to have her portrait taken. She was a rockstar in her fancy photoshoot. For such a little girl she sure has a big personality! Pet Photographer Trish Elting offers dog portraits in her home studio in South Kansas City and on location...

Charlie – Fancy Portraits

Charlie – Fancy Portraits

Handsome Charlie nailed it in his fancy dress photoshoot. He looks like a total Boss, or the dog of 007. Did 007 have a dog, I wonder?

Three Good Boys

Three Good Boys

Seriously, when your dogs are this good, they deserve to be recognized with a brilliant portrait display because. Ohmygosh. They were the sweetest boys ever.

Mentoring might be just what you’re looking for…

When you want to live a healthier happier life.

When your heart says ‘yes’ but your body says ‘no’.

When you’re tired of going it alone – and running yourself in circles.

I want to help you get there.


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