Can you hear it?

At first it’s quiet. Like a far away feeling. A longing you can’t quite put your finger on.

Then it becomes more audible. Like a small voice saying, “Slow down. Please. Stop. I need some space.”

Maybe, it’s the loud call of a bugle summoning you to return home.

It’s the call to retreat.


Are you listening?

Maybe you don’t understand the message when it arrives. Or maybe, you think you don’t have time to retreat. However, there are 5 reasons you may want to heed the call.


1- To recharge + nourish yourself.

Normal day to day stresses can wreak havoc on your nervous system if not balanced with proper rest and relaxation. In fact, in a culture which encourages you to constantly push yourself to do more, and more, overwhelm and exhaustion have become commonplace. Taking time to retreat will nourish and recharge your system and help to put you right again.


2- To reveal new ideas.

When you are constantly on the go, there is no space for new ideas to come forward.  Taking time to retreat allows new ideas to bubble up and take form, and may also help to unearth answers you have been seeking. By carving out space for new ideas and possibilities, you open up new opportunities for exploration and adventure.


3- To avoid a forced withdrawal.

The thing about retreat is this; it can be a strategic withdrawal or forced withdrawal.  You can choose to schedule time for retreat, or you can just keep pushing yourself until you reach the breaking point. The point where your health and well being may compromised and you are forced fall back. Which would you prefer?


4- To return to your safe place.

Retreating can restore your sense of safety and ease.  In those moments of overwhelm, or in times of difficulty, safety can bring peace to your body and clarity to your thoughts + open space for you to process your feelings and promote healing.


5- To lead you back to what’s important.

So many things call for your attention. Social media, news stories, appointments, meetings and heavy schedules can pull your attention away from what is truly important to you. Taking time to retreat will lead you back to what is at the center of your heart, those things that have meaning and purpose in your life and bring you the most joy.


Whether your call to retreat is a a far away feeling, a quiet voice, or a loud bugle call.  Consider how you might take time to step away from it all and restore your system, connect with what’s important to you, and to increase your sense of peace and well being.


What’s your favorite way to retreat?

Do you prefer a planned out + formal retreat, an on-the-fly + intimate at home retreat, or something simple like enjoying a creative class or lunch with friends?

Share your favorite ways to retreat in the comments.