For the last six months I’ve been a girl on a mission. The objective- to help more people discover the deeply trans-formative power of yoga.

You see yoga means a lot to me.

It was yoga that saved me from living my life in pain and fear. Back when yoga found me I had worked myself past exhaustion. I had also numbed myself so I wouldn’t feel emotions like joy, and excitement, or sadness because they felt too much like the anxiety that had become my ever constant companion.

Honestly, I had disconnected from everything except my to do list and my rest bed. Then yoga came along and gave me what I needed to pull myself out of that dark place.

Here’s the important bit:

  •  It didn’t happen overnight. It took a willingness to continually show up and do my practice, one practice at a time. And…
  • It wasn’t a result of attending a weekly yoga class. I did a personal yoga practice in the comfort of my own home.

Honestly, it has been the single most powerful life changing thing that I have ever done for myself.

We share what we know.

What I know, is that yoga has the power to transform what ails you + it’s most powerful when you take it into your home and into your heart.

Want to learn more about starting your own personal yoga practice?  Set up a private yoga session.