Recently a memory of a post came up on my social media feed. It made me giggle because…

It’s just like me to write a love letter to tea.

It went something like this…


Dear Passionflower Tea,

If you were a person, I would bake you cookies! Thank you so much for being here, and thank you so much for letting me find a whole box of you hidden in the cabinet, to my joy and delight, because they don’t make you anymore.


Passionflower tea was one of my most treasured tools in my 15 year battle against anxiety.

I don’t deal with anxiety today, at least not like I used too. I’m happy to say if I do get anxiety, it’s more of a normal anxious. Not the life altering 24/7 anxiety that used to be constant.

Still, I keep passionflower tea in my cabinet just in case. But really, I only use it on occasion when I need to relax my body before I got to bed.


My go to brands for passionflower tea:

-Alvita Passionflower Tea

-Buddha’s Herbs Calming Tea with Passion Flowers and Lavender