Hey! I’m Trish.

Work Stuff

For over a decade I’ve been helping people feel healthier and happier with Viniyoga. I’m trained as a Yoga Therapist and Personalized Yoga Teacher. What I’ve come to realize is it’s not about “the yoga”. It’s about exploring ways to care for yourself that will make your life lighter, more effortless, and more joyful. That’s where my work is focused these days; helping my clients create a healthier happier life.

I write and make videos. About things I’ve learned and things I enjoy doing- cooking, nature, getting healthy, creativity, yoga, travel, pets. I’ve written articles for Evolving Magazine, Sequence Wiz, and the Fibromyalgia AWARE Magazine.

I like to try new things – which often turn into new projects. I’ve recorded an album of cello and chant music, created colorful artwork, designed an online program, and photographed adorable pets – because who doesn’t love cutie-pie pet photos?

In the spring and fall I host Photo Retreats to help women (and the occasional gent) get amazing photos. They use their photos for projects like- building a website, marketing their business, photos for that book their writing, profile and cover photos for social media or dating sites, or just to have some photos where they look freaking fabulous. Most people I’ve met don’t like getting their photo taken. The retreats help them discover how to get comfortable in front of the camera and learn to love and appreciate their own beauty (trust me – you’re beautiful).  Photo Retreats are a-whole-lotta-fun and happen to be my favorite-thing-ever.  And yes, you can come.

Personal Stuff

I love to create beautiful things, on a canvas, in my home, or at the dinner table. In another life I might have been an opera singer, but in this life, I have terrible stage fright. I’ve struggled with feeling “not good enough” for most of my life, and for 15 years I wrestled with debilitating anxiety which made it hard for me to do the things I loved. I don’t struggle with anxiety any more.  Sometimes I get a little wacky and put pineapples on my head. I adore animals, and, over the years, I have loved and cared for 9 horses, 4 cats, 6 dogs, 2 goldfish, and 1 hamster named Lester. 

Thanks for Stopping By

I hope you find something here that will inspire and encourage you to love yourself a little more and create a lighter, more effortless, and joy filled life.

If you’d like to dive a little deeper into what I do you can check out my Blog. There you’ll find simple + healthy recipes and tips on improving health and being-well. If you want personalized support from me head over to my mentoring page. Or join me for a retreat and  get some smashingly amazing photos.


Trish Elting is a certified Viniyoga Teacher and Therapist with the American Viniyoga Institute. For over a decade she’s been helping clients move better and feel younger and happier with Viniyoga. She’s learned – it’s not really about “the yoga”. It’s about learning to care for yourself in a way that will make your life lighter, more effortless, and more joyful. Nowadays her focus is to help her clients be healthy, happy, and human.

She writes a blog to share tips on being-well, simple + healthy recipes, and thoughts on getting healthy without punishing yourself. In addition, she produces a podcast where she speaks with real people – just like you – about how they approach health – what’s working for them and what’s not.


She works with clients one on one or through group programs to help them discover ways to get healthy without starvation diets, punishing workouts, or judgments that make them feel like – no matter what they do – it will never be good enough.

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