When anxiety comes knocking at the door she rarely comes alone.

She has an assortment of friends who ask for her help when they have problems getting YOUR attention.

Really, anxiety never even wanted to leave the house. She would rather stay home and do her nails or watch movies with a fresh bowl of popcorn.  But anxiety is a good gal, so she shows up when her friends call.

Who are anxiety’s friends? Well,  she’s a pretty hip and happen’ chick, but here are three of her favorites.



Folks say pain is a really good teacher.

Even in small amounts she demands attention and respect.

Still, many of us have gotten very skilled at ignoring her.

But that doesn’t really matter to pain.

When we push her to the back of our minds so we can continue to do our work, she will keep trying to teach us.

She’ll say, “Yo! We’re in pain. Do something to help please.”

And if we still don’t listen, she’ll send out the call for help.



Exhaustion is a sneaky dame.

She takes her time making her presence known.

She isn’t pushy nor is she known for her strength.

It’s pretty easy to shove her out of the way and just walk on by.

The thing about exhaustion is she gets heavier over time.

The longer you pretend not to see her, the more strength and energy it takes to get past her.

She’ll say, “Ohmygosh! We’re so tired and worn out we can hardly stand up.”

And if we don’t listen. She sends out the call for help.



Overwhelm is known for her skill at throwing a tantrum.

When she sees too much in front of her, she goes all wacko and gets loud and angry.

Sometimes she cries.

What’s most interesting about overwhelm is that she thinks she can handle it all.

Even though deep down she knows it’s too much.

She’ll say, “We can totally handle this.  Wait… there is too much going on. Can’t do it. Make it stop.”

And so… she sends out the call for help.


Even Independent Ladies Ask For Help

Pain, exhaustion, and overwhelm are not pushovers.  They are pretty tough all by their little ‘ol selves.

But when they’ve done their best, and they can’t get your attention to let you know that something’s up.  They call on their gal pal anxiety.

Anxiety’s number one job is to get your attention.

She does this by sounding an alarm to let you know that something is very wrong and you need to take action to make it right again.

She can take many forms- panic, pressure, heart palpitations, dizzy feeling, tension, overwhelming fear + dread- to name just a few.

And she can knock you sideways if you don’t listen to what she has to say.

The thing to remember about anxiety, is that she is often called into action by one of her friends.

If you address what is happening underneath the anxiety- the pain, exhaustion, or overwhelm – it can help dispel those feelings of anxiety.


So, next time you experience anxious feelings, see if you can tune in a little deeper.

Did your anxiety come all by herself, or did she simply answer the call for help?


Tell me…

Do you notice anxiety showing up with one or more of her friends?  Who does your anxiety like to hang out with? Let me know in the comments below.

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