I love to create beautiful things.

From time to time I disappear into a painting frenzy. For days, or even weeks at a time, I do almost nothing but paint.

For me it’s all about color. Watching the colors mix and dance on the canvas. There is a joy and energy to color that I don’t find anywhere else.

Most of my work is abstract. Sometimes a critter will appear and ask to come onto the canvas.

Whether I am painting abstract or animal my work is always bright and screaming with color.

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Gallery Shows + Exhibitions


Upcoming Exhibitions

July 2017 – Solo show “Alive With Color” Gallery 504 Crossroads KC. First Friday July 7.


About My Process

Painting has taught me to trust myself- even when I can’t see the path ahead or where it may be leading.

I love to play with color, texture, and that element of surprise.

I’m not attached to any outcome or looking for a particular result, and I’m always surprised by what comes forward on the canvas.

That’s a great motto for life really- don’t be attached + let surprises delight you.

In a way, when you paint you’re communicating with yourself- your fears, your insecurities and your greatest joys.

I listen. My art tells me what it needs and when it’s finished.

I sing. Infusing my art with the energy of ancient healing songs.

Creating art has helped me heal.

I send my work out into the world with the hope that it will also bring healing to others.

Much love,


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