Commitment. Showing up. That’s what it means to be dedicated.

I’m celebrating 3 years of showing up for my (mostly) daily walking practice.

Walking has changed me in so many ways. Not just physically but mentally and spritually.

I enjoy it. But, it hasn’t always easy – especially in the beginning.

And that’s when it started.

That thing with the tree.

Every time I completed a walk… I gave a high five to a tree in the park.

The same tree. Which I now call the ‘high five’ tree.

And the ritual continues today.

When I walk my walk, or jog my jog, I end with the symbolic gesture of high five-ing the tree.

It’s a small thing, yet it’s been a significant part of the success of my walking practice. A celebration of sorts.

The tree is always there for me. Cheering me on and congratulating my achievement.

The high five signifies one more day of my commitment – on the books.


So, my thought for you to day is…

What small ritual can you add to your commitment that will help you celebrate each step of your journey?

It can be something sort of silly, like giving a tree a high five.

Or it can be something else like;

-drinking water from a special cup that says “you’re awesome!”.

-posting a picture of something from your accomplishment (in my case perhaps a flower spotted on my walking adventure).

-a text to a friend telling them what you did.

Whatever you choose. Remember to celebrate every time you show up for yourself.

Well done you!