There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a nice treat now and again.  When you do – choose wisely.

I don’t mean a piece of fruit or healthy protein ball. Nope.

When you choose to treat yourself, do it right. Go all out and get the good stuff!

Go to your favorite bakery for a slice of their best cake instead of grabbing the dried-out grocery store cupcake. Go for your favorite donut joint and hold out for that maple long john instead of settling for what’s left in the case, or worse yet snagging the stale-gas-station donut pack. Get the plate of nacho’s at your favorite Mexican cantina instead of grabbing the dumbed-down fast food version at the neighborhood drive through.

Make treating yourself – a REAL TREAT!

– Go for the good stuff – quality over quantity. Enjoy the best – enjoy less.

– Get that thing you’ve been craving and don’t settle for something else. Waiting is so worth it.

– Plan weekly, monthly, or quarterly treat dates with a friend. Lunch at your favorite food dive, a slice of pie at your favorite bakery, or gelato from the four-star rated ice-cream shop in the next town over.

– Decide what you’re getting ahead of time. Carrot Cake – one slice – stick to it – and savor every bite!

– Choose how often you will treat yourself – plan out your treats in advance – make it an event – use the nice china.


There is an abundance of treaty stuff surrounding us all-the-time. You don’t have to say no. It’s ok to say yes! In fact, it’s one of the great pleasures of being human.

Remember, the choices vary widely in quality and level of enjoyment. So, be choosy. You can buy a gallon of the cheap ice cream – or a pint of the very best ice cream. You can get a great big bag of cheap chocolate – or 2 or 3 high quality and totally amazing chocolates. You can buy a whole slightly-dried out cake at the grocery story – or a delightfully decadent moist single slice of cake at your local bakery.

Whatever you choose – make your treats count. And enjoy them fully!