Am I the only nut who spends a crap-ton of time cleaning, polishing, and perfecting the car before an epic road trip?

I’m being totally serious here. Because as I was cleaning and trying to get every speck of regular-every-day-dust-and-crumbs (and dried up frosting that I’m sure came from something blue and delicious) out of my car. I had the words of “others” echoing through my head- like spooky ghost voices trying to tempt me toward a better path.

“Why are you spending so much time cleaning the car” the ghost voice echoed. “Wouldn’t you rather spend that time enjoying your road trip instead of trying to make everything sooooo perfect?”

Ghost voices might be spooky. But, they make a fair point.

Which caused me to ask… where IS my time best spent?

Cleaning the car? Or road tripping through the countryside?

Well. Let’s chat about this.

Though you wouldn’t know it now, I didn’t always travel well, or often.  Traveling was a major event that caused me MAJOR stress. I never felt safe and I was always in a state of panic and anxiety. In fact, traveling often had the unpleasant and trip-ruining effect of making me physically sick. Nofun.

In those days the only thing I could do to help my poor nerves was try and prepare for the trip in the very best way that I could. Which meant, cleaning and organizing. That way the car felt nice(er) to be in, and if I needed something for myself or the kiddos I knew just were to find it.

So perhaps this cleaning thing was a remnant of those long-ago times of stressed out travel. And maybe, just MAYBE, it wasn’t necessary anymore?

At that moment, I was desperately trying to get two minuscule crumbs out of a tiny and seemingly unreachable crevasse in my center console, and I began to ponder the unthinkable. What if I just left them there?

And I mumbled to my Virgo self… in the most dramatic voice I could muster… “Now that I’ve seen them, I’ll never be able to get them out of my head! If I leave them there it will drive me nuts!”

But, leave them I did. Because, “not perfect – just better” is my number one be-less-of-a-perfectionist motto. I find it’s ever so helpful in situations like these.

So, as I continued to clean and not-be-perfect about it. Something happened.

I started to feel different inside. Spacious. Lighter. Excited, even a bit giddy, about my trip (which I’d been feeling quite nervous about). And I realized….

That habit of cleaning my car before a trip wasn’t about having a clean car. It was about clearing space. Removing the old energy- dust, dirt, crumbs and delicious blue frosting from past exploits- to clear space for a fresh new adventure.

When you clean your car – you are clearing energy.

And when you clear the energy of your car – you clear the path ahead an prepare the road for travel.

So, go ahead! Clean the heck out of that car and clear the space for your next big adventure.

P.S. Here’s a quirky tune I start spoutin’ whenever I travel, or wish someone “safe travels”. Enjoy!