We all have our quirks. It’s part of what makes us unique and, well… special!

But sometimes we tuck those precious bits about ourselves away for fear that folks will think we’re nuts.

Don’t do that. Cradle your quirky side. Take it in your arms and bear hug it! Kiss it on the face and squish its cheeks with glee! Because those wacky bits might just be the key to happiness.

So what is it about you, that makes you — YOU? What do you like? What do you not-like? And what sets your heart ablaze?


If you really knew me, you’d know that…

: I’m a spiky blonde haired chick who likes to chant in Sanskrit.

: I like cake — the band and the baked good.

: I’m totally into spinach: raw, cooked, juiced — whatever. Just hand it over!

: I live in Kansas, just like Dorothy. And one time, I totally whipped up a pair of ruby slippers. Because I’m a grown-up. And that’s what grown-ups do for fun, right?

: The rumors are true. I was the charismatic front-woman for a rock band for 5 years. Think: Led Zeppelin — with a punky blonde chick howling on lead vocals.

: The rumors are (also) true that I’ve been known to put a singing bowl on my head from time to time.

: These days, I’m the front chick for a yoga- and chant-inspired cello band. (Is that even a real thing, you ask? Why yes it is — and you can check us out over here.)

: When I was a teenager, I saved my nickels + dimes and got a horse. I worked to pay for her, I worked to board her and I paid every vet bill, in cash. I trained her and loved her to pieces. I still miss her. Sometimes, I wish I had a pony.

: Once in a while, I hear voices. (Nice, helpful voices.) I get answers. I get guidance. I feel things that aren’t mine, and I channel those insights into my work as an artist, mentor and yoga therapist. I’ve got this energy-connection-mojo goin’ on, and it’s hard to explain. But it’s real, and … there you go.

: I’m a proud homebody, and my rock-n-roll days are long gone, but if you ever come into my town, we’re going for tea and biscuits (did someone say biscuits?) — and that’s final. First round is on me!

Spicy-chai and shortbread,



So, what is it that makes you — YOU?

What do you like? What do you not-like? And what sets your heart ablaze?

Don’t be shy! Share a few of your quirks in the comments below and celebrate those little things that make you so-very-special.