Hey there!

I recently got crafty and made myself a pair of ruby slippers.  It was great fun, and I think they turned out pretty spiffy. What do you think?

Honestly, my feet would stop loving me if I walked around in these bad babies. So, I’ll be content to just imaging myself skipping down the yellow brick road in them.

Speaking of yellow bricks…

I’ve just finished working with two clients who had a few things in common.

  • They were both dealing with physical limitations and pain/discomfort in their bodies – and they were determined to change it.
  • They did the yoga practices I designed for them every single day in order to create the change they were seeking. (Now that’s dedication – it was totally WOW to watch!)
  • They are now enjoying the fruits of their effort – both are experiencing more mobility and less pain. 

It got me thinking about what made them so determined and so dedicated to their yoga practice, and I started to think about Dorothy and the yellow brick road.

Walkin’ those yellow bricks was no picnic.

Dorothy had to go through a forest full of loins and tigers and bears (oh! my!), dodge flying monkeys, and battle dome form of sleeping allergy to pretty red poppies (not to mention some crazy lady trying to steal her awesome shoes).

So why did she keep traveling that road?

There was something at the end of that road, that Dorothy wanted really bad.

She wanted to go home. At the end of the story Dorothy realizes that she alone has the power to get herself there.

The real power didn’t come from a wizard or a pair of red shoes, it cam from her determination to keep on going, to keep traveling the yellow bricks and keep moving towards her goal.


What’s at the end of your yellow brick road?

What is it that you want so badly, you would face down flying monkeys to get?

To realize your goal you’ll have to stay on the road.  Keep on putting one foot in front of the other, and you will reach your destination.