Being Healthy Happy Human

The wellness industry wants you to believe that the picture of health is singular. That being healthy – means being thin.

When you focus on weight alone,
you set yourself up for failure.

Because you’re made up of so much more than what can be measured on a scale.

True health is reflected in every part of your being. From the joy you feel inside – to the radiance of your skin. From the exuberance of your creativity – to the vitality of your energy. From the strength and stability of your body – to the condition and health of your relationships with the people in your life.  

I want to help you lose the story’s that have been woven into your thoughts by ‘those marketing guys’ about what it means to be healthy. And help you redefine what healthy means to you. In your real life.

What if instead of reaching for a goal that’s been designed for you by Hollywood.

You took care of yourself in such a loving way that it allowed your body to become what it was always meant to be. 

An energetic joyful vehicle to carry you through this life.

No more torturing yourself to become some fantasy of health – just more stepping into who you are and who you are meant to become.

I’ve created a place for you to explore these concepts

Where women support each other in improving health from a wholistic standpoint.

Taking into account all of who you are, not just what you weighed in at today.


It’s called Being Healthy, Happy, Human.

What it is…

  • Just you – and me – and a few friends walking the path to a healthier happier life. Together. In your own timing. Keeping it real. And most of all… being human.
  • No-pressure weekly inspiration and motivation – via your inbox and the private Facebook group. Gobble it up – however feels right.
  • Full access to the online library of self-guided content – healthy tips, yoga, movement practices, recipes, meditations and more.
  • Explore new ideas. Try new things. See what works. Embrace what lands in your heart and keep it – leave the rest

This is not a program. There is no homework.

Use what you want, when you need it. No missing out or having to keep up.

What it’s not…

  • A weight loss program.
  • Health or nutrition coaching.
  • A series of workout routines and or structured meal plans.
  • Me being the boss of you – telling you what to do and when to do it.

*If you are looking for any of those things – this isn’t the place.


I promise.

No crazy weight loss schemes.

No boot camp, cabbage diet, or medieval tape-worm treatments (Gross!).

Just fresh ideas, new adventures, and a passion for a healthier, happier life.

Leave the old ways behind.

Discover what ‘healthy’ looks like in your life and feels like in your body.

Embrace, embody, and become that.


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