I mean, I know you LOVE food, right? But how much do you love the food you put in your body?  And how much does the food you put in your body love you back?

Love is an interesting thing.

You can love cake, and all the while during the eating process be thinking to yourself how bad it is for you. That isn’t love.

On the flip side, you can love cake, and eat cake, and notice that your body oozes with delight when you eat those first few bites but after eating an entire piece (or two) realize that you don’t feel so great. That is not love returned.

However, using awareness you can enjoy the cake until your body says ‘ok, I’ve had enough” then put the cake down. Allowing your body to set the boundary instead of ignoring your body’s requests of  ‘enough-cake-ness’. And that my friend is showing cake the love and respect it deserves. (Hey! I love and respect you cake!)

On the same note when you eat your favorite freshly prepared veggies – be it salad or stir fry – you might notice that your body sings with glee (yum-mee!). And even after you’ve had a second plate your body is still feeling the love.

Loving your food, and your food loving you back, isn’t about denying yourself that piece of cake or forcing yourself to eat veggies all the time.

It’s about listening to the love relationship between your body and the foods you put into it, and also about respecting your desires for certain kinds of food, while also respecting your body’s boundary around it.

When you know what your body likes and responds well to, it’s easier to eat those things more often. It’s just as easy to give in to desire for those cravings and go completely over board on the cake. It takes practice and patience to build the skill of listening and learning to respect the boundary’s your body is telling you are there.

Let’s be honest. Eating has become far more complicated than it used to be. Food in our society has become a staged battle of good vs evil. Eat this, don’t eat that. This is good for you, that is bad for you. Often one study will say a food is good and then another study will say that same food is bad! So how the heck are we supposed to decide what to eat?

The answer lies in how much you love your food and how much your food loves you back.

So, my thought for you today is..

Start listening.

Listen to how your body responds to food. While you’re eating it and again afterward.

Start noticing.

Notice what makes your body sing, and what makes your body sigh with sadness.

Begin expanding.

Not your waist line, but your love relationship with food.

Love what you eat (seriously, hug your food!).

Eat what you love (don’t deny a craving – embrace it and respect it).

And allow your body to set the boundary so you can give your food the love and adoration it deserves.

Lastly, if you eat cake (or any other thing that society has labeled ‘bad’) watch how you talk to yourself while you eat it. See if you can change a negative dialog to a positive one. Move from “this cake is bad for me” to “isn’t this a treat, I’m so blessed to enjoy this moment with food”.

Happy eating!