I’d like to say I take good care of myself.

To be honest I’ve been a bit distracted. I’ve been focused on my work. Spending many hours at the computer and then more hours sitting on the floor as I work with clients.

My body? Not happy.

Because, I lost something. I lost the part of my daily routine where I take care of me.

It happens now and again.  I set my daily yoga practice aside in order to focus on my work. However, my body is always the first to let me know it’s not the brightest thing I’ve ever done.

Here’s how it went down this time…

First my low back and right hip started acting up, and then my right foot joined in on the fun leaving me with a walk that looked a penguin waddle. My neck and shoulder must have felt left out because they joined in too, so now the whole right side of my body spent most of it’s time in some sort of strange tizzy.

Oh, and did I mention the headaches?

I tried really hard to ignore it, but… did I mention the headaches?  It was clear that I was NOT giving my body what it needed in order to support me in living my life and doing my work with ease.

Fast forward to today…

I’ve spent the last several weeks getting my routine back in swing.

Each day I’m doing yoga stretches that specifically address my body’s needs, with a bit of meditation on the side.

The result?

I am feeling SO much better, in fact I feel rather awesome! The penguin waddle? It’s gone.  The aches and pains are fading away, and no more headaches!

I’m sharing this with you because maybe you’ve been in the same boat. So distracted by the things on your to do list that you’re working right through the pain and fatigue. As a result you’re feeling less than awesome. If that’s the case, I have a dare for you.

I dare you to…

Take some time each day to…

  • stretch and move your body in ways that make you smile.
  • breathe deeply (just three breaths) and notice what happens.
  • take a few moments to be still and count your blessings.

Begin to incorporate some of these simple things in to your daily routine, consistently, over a period of time, and you’ll start to see/feel some awesome effects in your life.

Go ahead… give it a try!

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