Just Keep Breathing

The (Surprisingly Simple) Foundations of Yoga
You want to start doing yoga.
You’ve heard it’s like, The Thing.

Or maybe you’re already doing it — but you’d rather be doing anything else. (Laundry … dishes … walking on hot coals …)

I wish I could say that I fell in love with yoga, on day one. But I didn’t. In fact, I didn’t really get what all the fuss was about … until I learned how to link my movements to my breath.

Once I learned how to breathe like a yogi … whooooa. Everything shifted.

I discovered that I could lift my mood, release aches + pains and make my whole day happier — just by syncing up my breath + my physical movements, in an intentional sequence.


Mastering your breath is pretty frickin’ incredible. It’s also not taught very often — or very well. (Eek!)

And that’s why I created Just Keep Breathing: The (Surprisingly Simple) Foundations of Yoga.

It’s designed to be a 6 week program — but you can work at your own pace.

It’s digital. It’s delightful. It’s kinda hysterical, at times.

You can do it at home.  You can start, today.

Big inhale — and whoosh!


“Trish, I have just completed your “Just Keep Breathing” on-line program and what a treasure it is!

I was impressed with the professionalism & multifaceted methods of teaching / learning. I loved that I could practice at home at my own pace while feeling totally supported by you, because you make yourself so accessible.

Thank you so much! You’ve made a yoga practice so easy for me. My body, mind and spirit are so grateful.”  Vicky Joyce



Here are the details:


Week 1 + 2. This is where you’ll get into the basics.

You’ll learn how to link your breath with your movements, starting rrrreal simple. Inhale — arms up! Exhale — arms down! You’ll also learn some foundational poses, like backbends + forward bends. (Look at you, doin’ yoga like a pro!)

You’ll also learn the basics of breath control — intentionally moving your breath in a simple rhythm, to slooo-ow down your heart rate, release pain + tension, and instantly reduce the amount of cortisol that your body produces (that’s the “stress hormone,” by the way.)


Week 3 + 4. We’re going a little deeper, now…

You’ll build on what you’ve already learned, with new standing poses — like balancing + lateral bends — and super-calming breath control techniques, including a fancy-dancy pattern called Viloma Krama. (Try saying that ten times, fast!)


Week 5 + 6. Gettin’ real fancy, now!

You’ll learn how to bring breath control into fancier, flowing poses — as well as resting postures, with complete stillness. (Lying flat on your back in complete surrender = the hardest yoga pose of all. Trust me.)

You’ll also learn which breathing techniques to use when you want to callllm down  and which ones to use when you want to get pumped up + energized.


What’s included:

  • Three 20 minute video practices which can be practiced alone or linked together for a 1 hour full body stretch-fest.
  • Pose breakdown tutorial video for each of the yoga practices.
  • Eleven quick video lessons to illustrate various breathing techniques and help you refine your yoga practice.
  • The complete Just Keep Breathing workbook – written yoga practices, breathing worksheets, and prompts designed to help you stay focused on each weeks lesson. Use the workbook to review lessons + practice yoga video free. (Wheee!)

It’s designed to be a 6 week program — but you can work at your own pace + revisit and use the lessons as often as you’d like.


“Trish, what I love about the Just Keep Breathing program is that I feel like you’re at my house, it’s very personable, I feel like you’re talking specifically to me, and I feel like your genuinely concerned about my home practice and how I’m feeling in my body.

The practices are very tangible, very simple, yet when done consistently, they give you a deeper awareness of what’s going on in your body.  As a yoga teacher, I really like that because I’m learning a new way to practice. I’m seeing that I don’t have to be all ‘gung ho’ and ‘Vinyasa crazy’, and that when I slow things down and make them more purposeful it really benefits me. You are really good at making me aware of what I’m doing and why I’m  doing it.

I have to add that I really liked the humor. You just make it so much fun.”  Ericka Bell, Founder of EBYoga


In order to use + enjoy this program, you’ll need:

  • A pair of lungs (check — I hope!)
  • A computer to access audio/video lessons and download program materials.
  • A safe, happy place where you can practice your breathing for about 5 minutes a day + move, stretch and breathe for about 20 minutes a few days a week. (your bedroom or living room will do just fine)
  • A sense of humor, cuz… it’s a bit wacky at times.
  • A yoga mat + any other yoga-ish props you might want handy (or not — I typically do my yoga practice completely propless!)


“I have dabbled in yoga for years. I live a long way away from any place that gives lessons. In the past I tried some videos that came highly rated but I found them lacking because they didn’t really explain what we were doing.

Just Keep Breathing is absolutely amazing.  Trish’s instruction is awesome.  I feel powerful when I practice, the routines are simple but challenging, and I’ve learned how to use my breath to change state of being. By that, I mean that when I practice it creates a more comfortable way to move through my day.

I took the course through the Christmas season and found the online availability if the program worked great for my busy schedule.

Take the program it is worth the time and it is a great value.  Thanks Trish!”

Lisa Savage


“I highly recommend Trish’s online Just Keep Breathing course.  It was fun and informative.

I loved that Trish had weekly videos with detailed instructions as well as downloadable audios, phone call conferences, instruction sheets, and a workbook.  I felt that her approach to provide the information in different ways added to my understanding and I loved that each lesson built on to the last one to deepen my practice as I learned. All systematic and seamless!

Even though we weren’t in the same room, I felt I was practicing with her each time.  Just Keep Breathing helped me establish a home practice that is doable and fun.”

– Cheryl  Young


You CAN do yoga.

Go at your own pace. Do it at home. Start today.

Just Keep Breathing is included as part of your membership to Being Healthy, Happy, Human. My online group mentoring space. 

Learn more here.  

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