Once, I had an experience that caused me to question how long I would be here in this life.

I won’t go into the details but, it made me pause and look at how I was living and how I really wanted to be spending my time. And after that, I started to do more of the things I loved, and let go of things that didn’t really matter. It felt REALLY good.

Yet as I moved further away from that experience I started to fall right back into my old ways of doing things.   Stressing over the stuff that didn’t matter, and forgetting to focus on those things that were important.

So I had to be still and ask myself the question.

“If I was dying how would I want to spend my time here?”

It’s a good question to help you re-frame… and many have asked it.

But, I will tell you that there are experiences in your life that will bring this question to the forefront. You’ll feel it, deep in the center of your being.

When that happens + you allow yourself to sit with the question  and look at your world through the question, like it was a pair of truth revealing lenses, you might start to see things for your life that you never thought were possible.

Finding time to sit with it.

We get so distracted by the ‘busy’ of our world that we don’t always stop to feel, and consider where we really want to spend our time.

Well,  here we are with a whole extra day this year ( Feb 29th, Leap Day).

What if… just for today, you pondered what you might do with your time- if you knew your time here was short.

Where would you want to spend it?

How would you want to feel in it?

What would you want to do with it?

What it means to leap…

  • to spring through the air from one point or position to another (whee!)
  • to move or act quickly or suddenly (zoom!)
  • to pass or rise (as in leave that behind and rise above)
  • to spring, jump, or bound (with glee of course)
  • a sudden or abrupt transition (change that shtuff up)
  • a sudden and decisive increase (more joy please)

Where did you leap?

Chances are, you did some leaping last year and didn’t even realize it.

Look back. What do you see?

I see that I took a leap and started showing + sharing my paintings.

It was a spooky thing to do.

I did it anyway.

I’m not sorry.

Where will you leap?

Leaps don’t have to be big.  It’s often the small leaps that are the most powerful.

A change in diet, a resolve to move your body in beautiful and joyful ways, a commitment to engage in something creative at least once a week, or leaping into bed 30 minutes earlier than is the norm (cuz rest… important!).

I’ll be making some more leaps.

And I invite you to leap with me.

Go ahead, leap like you’re dying.

What have you got to loose?


Share your leaps in the comments below.

Where did you leap?

Where will you leap?