At our house, we have a menagerie of animal friends floating about.  A sweet little puppy dog (she wears braids in her hair ), two spotted kittens, and a rather-large goldfish. You never know what kind of mischief will ensue with this group hanging around.

One day…

I was in the home ‘doggie salon’ helping the pup get all spiffed up, when I heard a ruckus upstairs.   My first thought? “What are those silly kitties up to this time.” I finished what I was doing and headed up the stairs.

When I opened the door I was shocked by the site of my rather-large goldfish laying on the floor.  Motionless.

“Oh fishy!” I exclaimed, as I scooped him up to try to save him.

He flopped about in my hands. I was relieved he was still kicking. He was slimy + slippery so I dropped him three times before I finally got him back into his tank- where he swam around as if nothing had happened.

I wasn’t sure how Mr. Fish landed himself on the floor. Whether he threw himself out by mistake during an exuberant splash-happy race around the tank, or if he was helped ‘out’ by a passing kitten.  What I did know was that my fishy needed to breathe.

The time I forgot to breathe…

When I was an anxiety girl I used to forget to breathe.  I didn’t do it on purpose,  in fact I didn’t even notice I was forgetting to breathe until quite a bit later… after I began to crawl out of my anxious space and back into the real world. 

For me, the key to crawling out of that space was learning to practice yoga, and the most powerful bit of practicing yoga was learning how to work with my breath.

Understanding how my breath influenced my body and my emotions (and vice-versa), and also how my breath influenced my movement- was the biggest factor in helping me transform myself from scared-anxious girl, into peaceful-calm girl, and then into giddy-yoga teacher (girl ).

The fact is, it was my breath that taught me how to listen to my body, it was my breath that taught me how to do yoga well, and it IS my breath that helps me stay on track, and keep my self out of the deep-anxious-pit I used to live in.

Learn to work with your breath.

Born from my own experience, I’ve created a foundational yoga program that is centered around working with your breath. You’ll learn the same breathing + movement basics that helped me transform my life.

It’s digital.  It’s delightful. Plus, you can do it right at home, no special tools or props required.

I’m over-the-moon excited to share it with you!

Looky here for more information or to register.

In the mean time…

Take a moment and share a time-you-forgot-to-breathe in the comments below.

When did you notice  you weren’t really breathing?

What happened when you reminded your self to take a breath?