Practice. It makes things perfect- or so they say.

Practice is something you return to again and again to acquire a new skill and proficiency in performing that skill.

You can practice anything: music, writing, painting, cleaning, managing your money, creating better health, or being a good friend.

This time of year brings with it momentum to start a new practice. If you choose to practice something you really don’t like, in a way that causes you discomfort and pain — mental or emotional — chances are you won’t do the practice.

Choose wisely.

It doesn’t  mean that you won’t practice something new, something hard, something that will change you profoundly and help you function better in your life and your work.

It means you choose to practice in a way that will move you in the direction you really want to go, without beating yourself up or creating more suffering for yourself along the way.

It means you choose to practice in a way that will nurture, support and love you into blossoming and becoming.

Mastering the practice is not the same as mastering the skill.

You master the practice when you find the appropriate way to show up + be kind + give yourself what you need to keep going.  Even if that means starting over, having a good cry, or taking a nap.

The practice is the kindness and respect you give yourself as you evolve into who you are becoming.  It’s the hot cup of tea, the walk in the park, the aromatherapy bath, the space to ponder possibilities,  the luscious desert on the veranda.

As you master the practice, it all becomes love.

Choose to practice love.