I’ve been a singer for as long as I can remember.

When I studied yoga it was natural that I was drawn to chanting and mantra. This project was a collaboration with cellist Mike P. Harte. The purpose was to create music for the yoga sequences in my program Just Keep Breathing- The (Surprisingly Simple) Foundations of Yoga.

The music came together – kind of like magic.

And so we decided to make it an album. Haunting and beautiful, it feels to me like a musical story about my struggle with – and accent out of – years of anxiety.


Chants to Retreat

If you like cello music and you’re looking for the perfect soundtrack for an afternoon of yoga, meditation or just plain chillaxin’… this magnificently mellow cello/vocal duo should do the trick.

Chants to Retreat’s debut album From Darkness to Light has been called “uplifting,” relaxing,” and “the perfect backdrop for creative projects,” with an uncanny way of clearing + focusing the mind.

It’s also been called “powerfully healing.”

As one fan put it:

“I just had a traumatic event – an auto accident where my car was totaled, and I walked away – forever changed. This music is helping me heal.

Thank you for putting this musical beauty into the world. I need this, like I need my next breath.  Bless you!” – Erin



[bandcamp album=2213737963 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=70AF9F size=grande]


As Seen In…



More love. More words.

My yoga teacher used your music in class last week.  I found myself going deeper and deeper inside myself, while doing the movements with your beautiful and intelligent sound. I’m so happy you have a whole album available. – I can’t wait to have your music swirl around me while at home in my studio! Thank you for being. I hope you make many, many, more CD’s Bravo! Bravo!


Totally shifted my energy from tax panic to queen of calm.

Lorna Lange

Yoga Teacher, Wellness + Awareness Coach

So wonderfully fresh and unique.

Nancy Shultz

Yoga Teacher, ERYT-500

As a meditation instructor and life coach, I am always looking for soothing, inspirational music to play at my stress reduction center. I have just found my new favorite! This music is captivating and comforting. Bravo!

Kim Colegrove

Owner, Make Time for Nothing Stress Reduction Center

Beautiful! I enjoy it more each time I listen to it.

Kathy Jamison

Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Consultant

Very calming. Love it!

Tunda Hay

I was grumpy and stressed out. I played it and was instantly calmed.

Heather Sellers

Truly beautiful. It draws you in and evokes instant emotion. It moves the core … stirs the soul … makes you tactilely aware of your heart … and connects you to the center of being.

Dr Kim Yoo

Acupuncture Center

I’m always looking for good music to help me shift my mood. I have one set of songs that pumps me full of energy, and another set that gives me a creative boost.  When I need to connect to that quite space inside I know I can turn to Chants to Retreat.The music immediately puts me into an introspective space. It feels like it opens up room for me to breathe and just be. I can feel myself relax into that space, and from that inner stillness and connectedness I can move in any direction I need to in my work and my life. That’s the power of music.  That’s the power of Chants to Retreat. That’s why I love this album. 

Angel Sullivan

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