Some of my most cherished possessions are portraits of my pets.

To book a portrait session for your pet – reach out to me via the contact form at the bottom of the page. Please put pet portraits in the subject line.

You know me better than anyone.

You know that I’m shy, outgoing, wacky, wild, nervous, devoted and loving.

Most times you think I’m silly and adorable.

Sometimes you think I’m trouble.

But still, you love me.

You know I won’t be here forever. But while I’m here I promise..

To make you laugh…

Follow you on adventures

Love you like the sun

Protect you with my life

Wait with you through the hardest of times

And love you like the flowers love the rain.

And even when I’m gone- I will never leave you.

Because, I’m in your heart and you’re in mine.

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