Photo Retreat

You deserve to have photos that make you feel beautiful and capture your personality.

Your business deserves to have photos that tell a story and help you connect with your clients.

Are you ready for some fresh + fabulous photos? Yes?

Not a fan of getting your photo taken?

Let me tell you a story…

Once upon a time, I was a carefree third grader in line to get on the bus after a full day of third-grade-fun at school. We had gotten our school pictures back that day. The teacher at the front of the line was making all the kids show her their picture before they got on the bus.

With each photo came words of praise: “What beautiful blonde hair!”, she said to the girl who I always thought was the prettiest in the class. “What a pretty red shirt!”, she said to the boy I had a crush on. “What lovely green eyes!”, she said to the girl who was terribly shy. I was excited to see what she would say when it came my turn.

And then it came. She looked at my picture. She looked at me. And she said the words that changed the way I felt about myself from that day forward… “What a cute crooked smile.”

Third grade me was crushed. I had never noticed it before. My smile WAS crooked, broken, not good enough.

And so, began the years of half smiles, close mouthed smiles, and complete + total non-smiles every time I had a photo taken. All in an effort to hide my crooked smile and take a ‘better’ picture.

Then one day, on a whim, I signed up for a random photo shoot with a blue truck, and this time something felt different. I was having fun.

In fact, I had such fun at that shoot with the blue truck that I went back to the photographer to get head shots for my business. It was the first time I ever ‘full-on-smiled’ in a photo and actually liked the result. I went back to the same photographer whenever I needed photos. She always caught me full on smiling and I always loved the photos.

And slowly… I began to realize I wasn’t so self-conscious about my smile anymore. In fact, I rather liked it!

Doing photo shoots has helped me build my confidence and cured me of my photo phobia once and for all. What started with a simple head shot where I finally liked myself in a photo, grew into one of my favorite things of-all-time.

The Photo Retreat

I’ve teamed with the amazing crew over at RYE Studio to make getting fresh photos easy + breezy. It’s an event where women (and the occasional gent!) gather + support one another in witnessing and embracing their own beauty. We’ll enjoy a meal together, take time to get the feel of doing a photo shoot, forge new friendships, and smile for the camera!

Just reserve your spot, show up, and BOOM you’re done! You’ll get amazing photos + have a whole-lotta-fun while you do it. (What’s not to love about that!)

What’s included:

  • Rock-star photo shoot with RYE
  • 3 photos of your choice in both black and white and color (that’s like getting 6 photos!)
  • A group shot to remember our day together
  • A fancy lunch to eat on site or take on the go
  • Socializing + connecting with other local business owners
  • Support and cheers from your new retreat friends (Huzzah!)

You’ll own the rights to your photos so you can use them + print them as you wish. AND you can purchase any additional photos for just $25. (psst- that’s half off the regular rate.)

Always included with your retreat are these bonus items to support you before and after the retreat.

  • Retreat Guide filled handy tips on what to what-the-heck to wear, what to expect, and how to prepare for the retreat so you will rock-the-socks off your photo shoot.
  • A copy of my e-book How To Get The MOST Out Of Your Photos. A guide on posting, printing, and marketing with your new photos.
  • A handy contact sheet to make reconnecting and collaborating with fellow retreaters. Easy. As. Pie.

Maybe you’ve had a moment like third grade me, one that shaped the way you see yourself, or maybe you just hate getting your photo taken – no reason – it’s just not-that-fun.

Join me for this fun-filled event and move from struggling with being photographed – to fully embracing your beautiful self!

Want to book a private retreat date for your company or team? Just message me via the contact form at the bottom of this page and put “book a private retreat” in the subject line. I’ll get back to you asap. For details and information about hosting a private event go here.

“What I wanted most from my photo shoot was a photo of myself where I looked as beautiful and sexy as I feel. I got exactly that! Thank you Trish!  Thank you RYE!”

Ann Pint

This event…  is actually TWO events.

  • Photo shoot + lunch and socializing.
  • Viewing and photo selection + tea and biscuits.

Photo Retreat Dates

This is the last of the spring dates. It’s filling quickly.

September 13 – from 10am to 2pm

October 18 – from 10am to 2pm

Can’t get away for 4 hours in the day? No problem. We will assign each person a specific time slot in case your schedule is tight and you can’t stay the whole time.

Viewing dates: will be scheduled the day of the retreat.

(Please note: if you can’t make it to the scheduled viewing, you can schedule a private viewing with RYE at your convenience, no problem.)

The cost is $300

Once you’ve booked your spot send me a note via the contact form at the bottom of this page to let me know which date you would like to attend. Please put Photo Date in the subject line.

Ready to go?

Cancellations: If you must cancel and you do so at least 2 weeks prior to your retreat- you will receive a full credit to attend on another date. Cancellations with less than two weeks’ notice due to emergency may receive a partial credit to attend on another date- decided on a case by case basis.

You have no idea how long it’s been since I’ve actually liked any photos of myself – they usually look stiff or forced.

The photos I got at the retreat look very natural and authentic and I loved all the different backdrops and settings at the studio. Thanks so much Trish and Rye. Kudos!

Diane Browning

“I had been putting off updating all of my social media and website materials for an upcoming campaign because I didn’t have any head shots that I really loved.  I came across Trish’s photo retreat – and was so intrigued!  The idea of a less formal group setting, with the timing to really make sure I had several great shots in a variety of outfits and backgrounds seemed like a perfect fit…and I was not disappointed!

Trish’s communication throughout the process was great, and Rye’s shots were fantastic!

Exactly what I was hoping I’d get, and more.  I would highly recommend the photo retreats to anyone who is looking for something beyond the stale traditional head shot photos, or who has always been anxious about the formal photography setting.  Thanks Trish!”

Stephanie Meyer, MPA

Shawnee City Council, Ward III

“I had such a wonderful time! Trish’s energy is spectacular and Rye captured my smile, my energy, and found my quirky side too. They truly represent my authenticity, transparency and happiness that is so much a part of my brand.

I felt so safe. Like the ladies in the room were there to lift each other up and cheer each other on in a way that wouldn’t necessarily happen in a one-on-one session.  Yet, the time I got with Rye one-on-one was just perfect!  She made me feel so special and important and that was the cherry on top!

The food was delicious.  So fresh and LOCAL!!!  The personal touch- honey from your kid’s bee hives- made it all the more tasty!

I don’t know what else to say, just a great big THANK YOU!”

Krystal Ronanbaum


“I had a very bad picture experience at our son’s wedding and cried for 18 hours (not joking). I was determined to move forward after that experience by having my photo taken in a fun and beautiful setting.

I was hoping for one photo that I really liked and could feel good about uploading to social media.  I got 11!

The pictures reflect who I am in my business life but also in my life in general. One of my friends saw my photos and said  ‘Wow, she really captured YOU!’  and yes, I think she did.

Somehow, viewing my photos from the retreat has allowed me to actually see how much I do love myself- by allowing my real essence to be captured.  I feel like Rye really saw me and it show’s in the pictures.

What I wanted most from my photo shoot was a photo of myself where I looked as beautiful and sexy as I feel. I got exactly that!

Thank you Trish!  Thank you RYE!”

Ann Pint

“The Photo Retreat was really special. It was wonderful to have a group of women working together to support each other. I loved the studio and the creative use of the props.  And Rye was awesome! I never like to see myself in pictures but I was really pleased with the photos and everyone loved them.

I would totally do it again.”

AnaLeyah North

“The Photo Retreat was a totally delightful and fun adventure. Trish is a great hostess, very supportive and encouraging, and the food was the best- so healthy and fresh!

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to pose for the photos despite being very nervous. Rye and Chase were so welcoming + the studio was funky and amazing.

Now I know why people have a light in their eyes after one of your retreats and I have the pictures to prove it.”

Claudia Cardin-Kleffner

“I have never been a big fan of getting my photo taken. But in no time at all, and with no stress, it was done, and I’ve had so many wonderfully great comments on my new photos.

The photography studio is amazing.  I felt really comfortable during my session and the whole process so very easy and fun I hardly realized I was being photographed!

What a treat to have lunch included as part of the event, the food was excellent! And I have to add, Trish is a great hostess and cheerleader.

The whole experience was very positive and very, very supportive.”

Peggy Newham

“It was worth every penny. My photos turned out fabulous. In fact, my twenty-something nephew blurted out “You look so young!”.

I loved that the photographer took the time to listen to each person and what they wanted from their photos. The food was beautifully presented and I loved the sweet treats!

I felt really supported and enjoyed the whole process. Plus I made some new friends. Highly recommended!”

Lisa Holiman

Creative Consultant at Breath Of Fresh Flair

“I’m very pleased with my photos.  They are so much better than photos I’ve had done in the past and the photo shoot was way more fun.  I really enjoyed watching the other gals get their photos taken too.

I appreciated the tips on preparing for the shoot, and doing the photo viewing together as a group was really helpful when it came time to choose a photo.  Oh, and the food was awesome.”

Martha Childers

“This was such a memorable day for me. I had such a nice time enjoying good food and good people. The photo shoot seemed so effortless on my end, so easy and really a lot of fun.  Rye (and hubby) did a great job making me feel comfortable in my own skin.

My photos turned out so nice.  I was a little shocked that I look that hot!

I am SO glad I did it. And I would love to do it again!”

Meggin Tryk

“I’m very camera shy but I felt so at ease and really enjoyed myself. My photos turned out so good I would have never been able to choose which ones I wanted on my own.  I was grateful for help the support of the group in selecting the photos that were just right for what I needed.

It was a great experience. ”

Ginger Sparks

“I needed some photos to promote my art business since I haven’t had professional photos done since High School (which was a while ago!).

Trish and Rye were very supportive and made the whole process effortless and easy. The studio is a laid back, fun space and I loved that the studio dogs where hanging around during the photo shoot.

The food… was both beautiful and delicious. I had a blast hanging out with great people and watching Rye work her magic with everyone’s shoot.

Rye does an amazing job of capturing the essence of each person that she photographs. I love my photos and get very positive reactions when people see them.”

Gina Elbrader

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