I loved hosting a photo retreat! I wanted some new headshots, but I knew if I did it by myself it would be boring. When I saw that Trish specialized in small group photo retreats, it was instantly a done deal!  I’ve done a couple of them now and I will never do professional pictures any other way.

Kezia Shine

DC, CACCP , My Align Chiropractic Care for Mommies and Babies

You have no idea how long it’s been since I’ve actually liked any photos of myself – they usually look stiff or forced.

The photos I got at the retreat look very natural and authentic and I loved all the different backdrops and settings at the studio. Thanks so much Trish and Rye. Kudos!

Diane Browning

I needed quality photos, on a small business budget, to build my website and promote my classes and events online. Doing a photo retreat with Trish and Rye was the perfect match! 

These photos are so well done. They reflect professionalism, which is how I want to represent my business, in my online presence and marketing (a selfie just doesn't cut it these days!).  

I love the quality of my images... how Rye drew me out and captured my personality... and the support and encouragement Trish gave throughout the entire process – from before the retreat to delivery of my photos.  

I highly recommend doing a photo retreat to get images that represent you and your business. People want to SEE you and what you have to offer.  Give yourself this gift. Allow yourself to SHINE PEOPLE!!!!”

Elektra Hendrickson

Yoga Teacher

Trish made the process of updating photos of myself for my business effortless and fun! She took an otherwise overwhelming endeavor and made it warmly memorable. In fact it’s been so enjoyable that I’ve done several retreats and plan to do more!

Tania Aranki

artisan products for bath body and home, Isa Mia

“One of Trish’s gifts is her ability to listen and tune in to what is needed. It’s like she knows what to do, but rather than just telling me what we’re going to do that day she checks in with me first to make sure we’re on the same page and then she adjusts accordingly.

Trish understands the need for simplicity. Whether its movement or energy/intuitive work she always starts with something simple and branches out from there.

She’s clear and gentle with her words so everything lands softly and without struggle or disruption.”

Vicki Cannon

“I’m very camera shy but I felt so at ease and really enjoyed myself. The food was amazing.

The photos turned out so good I would have never been able to choose which ones I wanted on my own.  I was grateful for help the support of the group in selecting the photos that were just right for what I needed.

It was a great experience, no complaints, just lots of love.”

Ginger Sparks

“The Photo Retreat was really special. It was wonderful to have a group of women working together to support each other. I loved the studio and the creative use of the props.  And Rye… she is awesome!

I never like to see myself in pictures but I was really pleased with the photos and everyone loved them. If you’re thinking about attending a Photo Retreat I say go for it!  I would totally do it again.”

AnaLeyah North

“I had been putting off updating all of my social media and website materials for an upcoming campaign because I didn’t have any head shots that I really loved.  I came across Trish’s photo retreat – and was so intrigued!  The idea of a less formal group setting, with the timing to really make sure I had several great shots in a variety of outfits and backgrounds seemed like a perfect fit…and I was not disappointed!

Trish’s communication throughout the process was great, and Rye’s shots were fantastic!

Exactly what I was hoping I’d get, and more.  I would highly recommend the photo retreats to anyone who is looking for something beyond the stale traditional head shot photos, or who has always been anxious about the formal photography setting.  Thanks Trish!”

Stephanie Meyer, MPA

Shawnee City Council, Ward III

“I had such a wonderful time! Trish’s energy is spectacular and Rye captured my smile, my energy, and found my quirky side too. They truly represent my authenticity, transparency and happiness that is so much a part of my brand.

I felt so safe. Like the ladies in the room were there to lift each other up and cheer each other on in a way that wouldn’t necessarily happen in a one-on-one session.  Yet, the time I got with Rye one-on-one was just perfect!  She made me feel so special and important and that was the cherry on top!

The food was delicious.  So fresh and LOCAL!!!  The personal touch- honey from your kid’s bee hives- made it all the more tasty!

I don’t know what else to say, just a great big THANK YOU!”

Krystal Ronanbaum


“I had a very bad picture experience at our son’s wedding and cried for 18 hours (not joking). I was determined to move forward after that experience by having my photo taken in a fun and beautiful setting.

I was hoping for one photo that I really liked and could feel good about uploading to social media.  I got 11!

The pictures reflect who I am in my business life but also in my life in general. One of my friends saw my photos and said  ‘Wow, she really captured YOU!’  and yes, I think she did.

Somehow, viewing my photos from the retreat has allowed me to actually see how much I do love myself- by allowing my real essence to be captured.  I feel like Rye really saw me and it show’s in the pictures.

What I wanted most from my photo shoot was a photo of myself where I looked as beautiful and sexy as I feel. I got exactly that!

Thank you Trish!  Thank you RYE!”

Ann Pint

“The Photo Retreat was a totally delightful and fun adventure. Trish is a great hostess, very supportive and encouraging, and the food was the best- so healthy and fresh!

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to pose for the photos despite being very nervous. Rye and Chase were so welcoming + the studio was funky and amazing.

Now I know why people have a light in their eyes after one of your retreats and I have the pictures to prove it.”

Claudia Cardin-Kleffner

“I have never been a big fan of getting my photo taken. But in no time at all, and with no stress, it was done, and I’ve had so many wonderfully great comments on my new photos.

The photography studio is amazing.  I felt really comfortable during my session and the whole process so very easy and fun I hardly realized I was being photographed!

What a treat to have lunch included as part of the event, the food was excellent! And I have to add, Trish is a great hostess and cheerleader.

The whole experience was very positive and very, very supportive.”

Peggy Newham

“It was worth every penny. My photos turned out fabulous. In fact, my twenty-something nephew blurted out “You look so young!”.

I loved that the photographer took the time to listen to each person and what they wanted from their photos. The food was beautifully presented and I loved the sweet treats!

I felt really supported and enjoyed the whole process. Plus I made some new friends. Highly recommended!”

Lisa Holiman

Creative Consultant at Breath Of Fresh Flair

“I’m very pleased with my photos.  They are so much better than photos I’ve had done in the past and the photo shoot was way more fun.  I really enjoyed watching the other gals get their photos taken too.

I appreciated the tips on preparing for the shoot, and doing the photo viewing together as a group was really helpful when it came time to choose a photo.  Oh, and the food was awesome.”

Martha Childers

“This was such a memorable day for me. I had such a nice time enjoying good food and good people. The photo shoot seemed so effortless on my end, so easy and really a lot of fun.  Rye (and hubby) did a great job making me feel comfortable in my own skin.

My photos turned out so nice.  I was a little shocked that I look that hot!

I am SO glad I did it. And I would love to do it again!”

Meggin Tryk

“I needed some photos to promote my art business since I haven’t had professional photos done since High School (which was a while ago!).

Trish and Rye were very supportive and made the whole process effortless and easy. The studio is a laid back, fun space and I loved that the studio dogs where hanging around during the photo shoot.

The food… was both beautiful and delicious. I had a blast hanging out with great people and watching Rye work her magic with everyone’s shoot.

Rye does an amazing job of capturing the essence of each person that she photographs. I love my photos and get very positive reactions when people see them.”

Gina Elbrader

“I decided to work with Trish because there was something in her that was inspirational to me and I wanted to learn how to apply some of her philosophy to my life.

I have never done mentoring before and I confess it was a little scary for me to dive in. I was really struggling with not feeling “good enough”. Trish made it easy, and she didn’t judge me or make me feel weird about anything. I gained some wonderful tools to help me navigate my day to day life but my biggest lesson was that it is ok to say “no” sometimes so I can make time for me.

I’ve noticed that when I take some quiet time for myself in the mornings and use the tools Trish taught me, I am more conscious of my actions throughout the day and I don’t beat myself up when things don’t play out exactly as I envisioned.

If are looking for support to get out of your head and into action you should definitely try mentoring with Trish.  It worked for me!”

Deb Tacker

“Who would have thought a photo session could be easy, stylish, fun and oh-so-supportive? Trish’s photo retreats are an ideal way to update that photo that you’ve been meaning to refresh online (after how many years of the same-old head shot?).

An eclectic venue at the creative Rye Studio, delicious lunch and most importantly, group camaraderie combine to put everyone in a terrific mood – which shows in the beautiful end results.

Give yourself a treat and sign up for the next session with Trish’s touch. You won’t regret it.”

Eileen O’hara

“I loved that the photographer took the time to listen to each person and what they wanted from their photos. The food was beautifully presented and I loved the sweet treats! My photos turned out fabulous. In fact, my twenty-something nephew blurted out “You look so young!”

I felt really supported and enjoyed the whole process. Plus I made some new friends. It was worth every penny. Highly recommended!”


Lisa Holiman

Creative Consultant, Breath Of Fresh Flair

“I had tried yoga before and it left me thinking, if this is yoga, I’m never going back. Trish came highly recommended as a ‘different’ kind of yoga teacher, so I gave it another try. Trish is excellent. We’ve covered every part of my body – from my head to my feet.   I have a lot of physical issues and I’ve seen so much progress. It’s been very encouraging.

My job requires a lot of sitting, and I can now sit comfortably for longer periods of time. I’ve also noticed my focus is better and I can get more done without feeling overwhelmed.  My body is stronger, more flexible, and I feel better. I’m also making fewer trips to the chiropractor – and that’s a definite improvement!

Having a home practice gave me the freedom to be able to go home and do yoga every day, and that’s been helping me get better faster.  I can do it anywhere. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about working with Trish to do it.”

Dawn Hruby

I appreciate that Trish is always careful to consider my unique health needs. She is easy to talk to, knowledgeable, never pushes me too hard, and cheers me on as I’m able to do more.  I especially love the breathing techniques. And it’s fun … really fun!”
Dawn Hruby

“My private yoga lesson with Trish was fantastic. I love that there wasn’t a room full of people and I didn’t have to worry about what anyone else was doing.  The focus was fully on me and what I needed.”
Tania Aranki

“Thank you for your commitment to helping people like me.

I had surgery to relieve my back pain, but was still experiencing pain in my back and my leg, almost daily.  I’d tried everything – except yoga.

Trish was recommended to me by my Massage Therapist. While there are times that I still feel some pain – it’s so much better since I’ve learned how to stretch and take care of myself.  I believe that working with Trish has helped me to improve faster than I would have, without her.”

Lana Cook

Insurance Sales

“I just wanted to call and personally thank you, Trish. I’m on my way back home from Florida. Usually I can’t drive for more than an hour or so before my back starts hurting. I’ve been driving for four hours and there is no back pain.

I’ve been using the yoga sequences you gave me, and now, if I wake up in the morning and my back feels a little sore, I just do my practice and it magically goes away. People need to know that this works!”

Clyde Nevil

“I didn’t realize I was going to enjoy my yoga lessons this much. It’s so much fun, and makes me feel strong and clam. I like when Trish gives me a challenge. It makes me feel like; if I can do this I can do anything!”
Claudia Carlise

“Practicing yoga with Trish has really helped my granddaughter Claudia with confidence and self-esteem. Claudia has Asperger’s. Yoga improved her focus and helped her to compose herself when she feels frustrated or anxious.  It has taught her to be more tolerant of situations that she has no control over instead of getting caught up in them. Working with Trish has been a very positive experience and Claudia always leaves class feeling happy and calm.”
Sherry Bradley

“I’ve experienced yoga teachers that treat their students like they are in boot camp. My feeling is that I don’t need to get beat up when I am trying to take care of myself!

Trish is the anti-boot camp instructor.  She’s kind, caring, and supportive. The practices she teaches give me a workout, but also help me feel relaxed, nurtured, and loved.”

Sheri Mortko

Owner, Live Like You Mean It! Life and Leadership Coaching

“When I tried yoga before it made my arms and wrists hurt, but that hasn’t happened with Trish’s approach. I’ve learned how to breathe more efficiently and my body feels much more open and symmetrical after I practice.”

Kathy Gamel

LMT, Myofascial Release of Olathe

“I was having anxiety- and I really wanted to figure out why my body was reacting to stress that way. Trish understood because she had been there herself. She explained how stress affects nervous system- which can trigger anxiety, and she gave me tools to manage the stress. Since then things have been much better.

I use the breathing techniques regularly, and when my body gets in one of its moods it really helps to calm me down.

Trish has taught me that yoga isn’t about the stretching or the poses – it’s about the journey, it’s about where you’re going and how your yoga practice can help you enjoy the life you’ve got, while moving towards the life you want. My yoga practice helps me calm my mind and find peace on my journey.”

Joe Pippin

Finance-Automotive Industry

“I just experienced my first yoga session with Trish Elting. The experience was beyond wonderful! As a yoga teacher, yoga has become all about what’s best for my students … but as a student with Trish, my yoga practice is all about me! She’s helping me find a yoga for myself again, in her welcoming, knowledgeable and compassionate way.It’s a nice feeling, and I’m feeling calm and free! Thank YOU Trish!”

Ericka Bell

Founder, EBYoga

“I would have never done yoga, but after 4 surgeries in 5 years, my body was messed up.  I tried the gym. I tried physical therapy. I even tried some yoga videos. Nothing worked … until I met Trish.

Learning the fundamentals of breathing and moving in rhythm helped me get the most out of the yoga poses. Even just doing the breath technique in bed is helpful … I fall back more on that than anything else.

And these days? I simply feel better. My posture has improved, along with my mental focus. I’m driving, sitting and walking with more ease, and one of the best things is that I’m getting a lot done around the house without paying for it the next day.”

Bill Martin

“Trish: I’m looking at the practice you gave me and it’s just beautiful.As a yoga instructor myself, I can see the thought and the artistry that went into putting it together. My pre-surgery routine has helped me become far more aware of my breath, and your support is giving me a sense of peace and comfort during a difficult time. At one point – I literally cried because what you gave me helped to create a sense of control at a time when I feel like I have none.

At the end of the day, knowing that I still have some control over my body is an amazing gift. It is the true essence of yoga – being able to come home to myself no matter what my circumstances are. So, thank you for bringing me home.”

Vicki Newman


“I initially came to work with Trish to see if yoga would help my back pain. After several weeks my back pain is gone.  I’m also sleeping better, after years of issues with insomnia. And I just feel better equipped to deal with … everything that stresses me out!

Working with Trish has been life changing for me. I use what I’ve learned with her throughout every area of my life.

And now that we’ve worked together for several years, I have a whole notebook full of practices to choose from.  I can just choose the one that I need for that day, and I love that I can do all of them in 20 minutes or less.”

Maria Dietz

“I learned the importance of deep breathing and grounding.  When I focus on my breathing I don’t let worries creep into my mind and it helps me stay calm and centered.”

Connie Huerter

“I began private yoga sessions with Trish because I wanted to improve my overall health.  I love that each session begins with an inquiry about my health so Trish knows exactly what we need to work on and also what we need to be cautious with. I leave the sessions feeling calm and relaxed.

The most important element I learned in practicing yoga was the effective breathing methods. The written “homework” (personal home practice) provided the support I needed in order to practice on my own outside of class which was great.

When I’m practicing yoga I feel more aware in my body, I have more energy, and I can connect to my ability to relax. I would most definitely recommend yoga with Trish!”

Teri Keeton

Retired Teacher

“If you want to give yoga a try but you aren’t sure where to start, this is the place! Trish’s gentle yoga style can be done by anyone and you will see results. For years I had wanted to try yoga, but didn’t know where to start.  Trish was recommended by several friends as someone who was “great with newbie’s” and they were right. Trish is a great teacher – she is easy to follow, and our sessions are always a lot of fun!

Like a lot of gals my age, I had been having issues with my digestion as well as chronic bloated-ness. It’s amazing how much my yoga practice helps to keep my digestive system moving along, and keeps the bloating under control.   I always feel so ‘skinny’ after my yoga session.

Having my own home practice was great because it helped yoga become part of my life, and I’ve noticed that when I am practicing regularly I don’t have to go the chiropractor as often, and even then, I’m easier to adjust.  I’m more limber, not so creaky, and I just feel better in general.”

Robyn Stevens

Feng Shui Expert, Robyn Stevens Feng Shui

“I feel very comfortable and at ease in Trish’s group classes. I’m not just learning yoga poses or getting a workout, I’m learning how to take better care of myself, which has helped me reduce stress and anxiety.”

Erin Barns

Fashion Blogger, Pretty, Polished, Perfect

“I like Trish’s sense of humor and laid back style. Having attended her group classes for a while now, I’m more flexible, have less muscle tightness, and enjoy the relaxation and stress relief.”

Jamie Mulder

“If I wake up and my back hurts, I now have a way to feel better: I can go through the poses Trish taught me, and it makes the pain go away really quickly – often for the rest of the day! The breathing exercises have has been really helpful for me. It’s a good way to de-stress or calm myself down.”

Susan Meyer

“I’ve noticed that I sleep so much better on the days I do yoga. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night and, and I feel more rested when I wake up in the next morning. Totally relaxing. Thanks, Trish!”

Rebecca Simmons

“The retreat was wonderful!  I left feeling calm, grounded, and peaceful. I love learning new things and you never fail to teach me something new. I even picked up a few new tricks to add to my bedtime routine.”

Maria Dietz

“I have wanted to paint for a long time. So when my friend invited me to attend Relax and Paint with her I said yes. I had never painted before. At one point I got frustrated with my painting and Trish was right there to offer direction and advice. It really helped, my painting turned out great, I love it! Also the food was awesome.”

Nancy Hamele

“What I liked about Relax and Paint event was that we received instructions on how to create an abstract painting, but we weren’t all painting the same picture. We got personalized input, coaching, encouragement so we felt comfortable to just go ahead and start playing with the paint.

The breathing and stretching at the beginning was nice because it felt really good and helped my brain turn off so I wasn’t worrying about whether or not I could paint something that would look good.

I love my painting! I can’t tell you how happy I felt coming away with such an awesome piece that I created myself. It is one that will definitely hang in my home as art that I truly love to look at and am so proud of.”

Peggy Newham

“I’m an artist, I paint every single day. I felt like attending the Relax and Paint event would be a fun way to spend an afternoon- stretching, painting and having fun with others.

Trish did a great job with explaining what we were going to do, and took time to make sure that everyone felt relaxed and comfortable as they painted. Supplies were plentiful so we had everything we needed to create, and when someone needed extra support she was there to offer tips and encouragement without pressure or expectation.

It felt good to move and mediate a bit before getting started, plus the food was beautifully displayed and delicious too.  If you want to spend an afternoon with some really great creative souls having fun and slinging paint you should definitely go!  It was very relaxing and fun. I would totally do it again.”

Gina Elbrader

“Well, I will tell ya that the first 24 hours after my Visioneering session was interesting. I was waaayyyy over thinking the whole thing, which Trish told me not to do, but what transpired during that 24 hours had an amazing outcome.

I saw things so much clearer and became so much more sensitive to my surroundings. When doubt and fear crept in and took their usual seats, I didn’t try to shush them; I let them have their say.

And it was magic! Absolute out of nowhere magic! Suddenly I knew who I was. I’m an expressive artist and teacher. I found my why and am able to stand firmly in that place with confidence.  It makes me want to shout and get out my boogie shoes!

I still refer back to my session notes to jog my memory and keep myself on track. Thank you Trish!”

Deb Tacker

“Working with Trish has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  In our yoga sessions we work on breathing, stretching, balance, and relaxation. It has helped so much with managing stress.  I feel calm and relaxed when I leave our session. I also like that she has given me easy to follow exercises when I need a break at home or at work.  The two hours I spend with her each month are two of my best!”

Stephanie M. Smith