Private Mentoring – Your Well-Being

You were never meant to be at war with your body.

It’s time to make peace.

when it comes to health and being well

– no two people are alike.

I’ve worked with clients who want to lose weight and clients who need to gain weight. 

I’ve had clients who just want to find ways de-stress that don’t leave them feeling more worn out than when they started.  

I’ve had client’s come with goals to have less pain in their body – and they got that – but also got more fluid movement, more energy, and better relationships with their loved ones. 

The approach for each client is different and each action plan is unique. The common thread is that everyone wants to feel better and happier in their body. And they want to do that with ease and kindness, not struggle and stress 

I want you to experience the joy and freedom that comes from learning to listen to your body – and understand how to work WITH it instead of struggling against it.  

Be Well Strategy Session

Get your body moving in the right direction. You’ll get insight on the most important areas to focus, as well as personalized strategies to help you navigate with confidence.

Included in your session:

  • A Be-Well discovery and review to define which strategies will be most helpful for you, and you’ll get an action plan to get you rolling.
  • A wellness energy reading will identify areas in your energy-body where you may be struggling. We will discuss the findings and design strategies to address those areas with energetic and practical tools.
  • About a week after your session, we will have a 15 minute check in to see how things are going and make minor adjustments if needed.
  • Sessions are done by phone. Upon request sessions may be recorded so you can return to listen any time you need.

Plan about an hour and a half to complete your session.

Cost: $350

Book now and schedule your session before  April 26 to get $150 off.

Once you’ve booked – send me a note via the contact form at the bottom of this page. Please put Be Well in the subject line and let me know if you prefer daytime, evening, or weekend spots so I can contact you and schedule your session.  

Being-Well Individualized Mentoring

Ongoing mentoring will help you stay on track and provide personalized support as you walk the path to better health and well-being.

Included in your sessions:

  • 6 strategy check-in sessions to be used over 3 months. Sessions are 45 minutes each and will keep you motivated and moving in the right direction. We will adjust your action plan when needed – and have epic dance party celebrations for your success. Sessions are done by phone. Upon request sessions may be recorded so you can return to listen any time you need.
  • 3 month membership to Being Health, Happy, Human. Facebook group and full access to the online library of self-guided content – healthy tips, yoga, movement practices, recipes, meditations and more.
  • Individual email correspondents – to support you every step of the way.

Cost: $1200 

Book now to receive a complimentary Be Well Strategy Session (a $350 value). 

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