Clarity. We all seek it. Clear answers to nagging questions and clear paths to follow along the road to a successful future.

There have been times when I wanted (and hoped) for someone to deliver clarity to me. Like a pizza landing on my door step. Perfectly balanced amounts of the finest ingredients — understanding, vision, ways and means (and of course pepperoni!). Because someone out there must have the secrets. The maps and systems that will make the road ahead super clear and, well… easy. Right?

But clarity ain’t cheap. Or easy.

You can’t force it or try to figure it out. You can’t get it from somebody else. You most definitely can’t buy it.

Clarity comes from listening to yourself, trying things out, and then listening again.

When you’re seeking clarity that has depth, quality, and meaning for your life –  you have to get quiet, get away, and get busy.


Get Quiet

Ask yourself the burning questions that are in your heart. Then listen to what it is you truly want. Layered within your answers are feelings. Listen. Not just to the thoughts or words that are coming into your head. Listen to the feelings that come with them. You’ll know you’re on to something when the answers come to you in a calm and peaceful way. When you aren’t arguing with yourself or feeling upset, confused or bewildered about them.

In the quiet of a morning walk, a long soothing shower, or resting on the porch watching the birds go by –  these quiet moments create the perfect environment to receive clarity.  Notice the quality and feeling of the answers that come to you in these moments and take some time to write them down so you will remember them later.


Get Away

There are times when you need a whole lot of quiet to find the clarity you seek. It’s at these times you may need to take an extra step and get away.

Step away from the responsibilities that keep you weighed down, even if you can only step away for a few hours. Step away from all the things that keep telling you that you aren’t enough just as you are – like those sponsored adds on social media telling you they’ve got exactly what you want if you just plop down the dough.  And when possible, step away from the patterns of your every day life that keep you running on autopilot.

Getting away, for a space of time, can open up large windows of clarity and allow that clarity to sink into your soul rather than float away in the breeze.


Get Busy

If you truly want clarity you have to get busy. You can’t move forward if you don’t try new things. So get out there and do that thing you’ve been wanting to do. You don’t have to dive “full in” all at once, but start somewhere. Baby’s start walking by standing and holding on to things like couches or chairs. They don’t just take off running a 26 mile baby marathon. Babies have to grow into marathon runners.

Start something new that you can grow into, because when you start walking the path, the path will reveal itself.


You want to paint –  paint.

You want to feel better –  try stuff that will help you feel better until one day you do — and then keep doing that.

You want to grow a business –  start testing things out and see what works for you and those who need what you offer.

You want to sing or play an instrument –  Do it!


It’s all up to you.

You want clarity? You want clear answers to nagging questions and a clear path to follow on your journey?

You’ll find it when you get quiet, get away, and get busy.

Because you can’t force clarity or try to figure it out. You can’t buy it or get it from somebody else.

Clarity must be seen. Like tree in the distance on a clear day.

Clarity comes from listening, trying things, and then listening again, and trying again until all of the sudden you see it. Right there in front of you. That thing you’ve been longing for. It’s waiting to greet you.


Tell me…

How will you get quiet, get away, or get busy so you can find more clarity in your life?