Of all the tools in yoga my favorite one is sound.

If you know how to use it- sound can put you to sleep, pump you up, or calm you down.  It’s easy to use, works super fast,  and you can use it anywhere.

Here are a few sing-songy-chanty bits for you to play with.  Some of the chants are in fancy-pants-Sanskrit. Some are in easy-to-use-English.  All are pretty-darn-simple (cuz chanting doesn’t have to be hard).

Ready? Okay.


Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Shanti means peace. When you chant this, think about bringing peace into your presence and into your being.


So Ham Ham Saha

So Ham means ‘that I am”. Ham Saha means “I am that”.  When you chant this, think about connecting to that part of yourself that never changes, your peaceful center.


Peace. Calm. Serenity.

When you chant this, think about bringing these qualities into your heart and into your being.


Be Still and Know That You Are Whole

Chant this when you are feeling like you are not enough, and remember that you are enough, and you are loved just the way you are. (You can change the word “you” to “I” if you want to.)



Play with chanting in different ways.  You can try chanting high or low, soft or loud, fast or slow.  Notice how chanting in different ways changes the effect.


-High pitch, loud, and fast tend to lift energy.

-Low pitch, soft, and slow tend to bring energy down.


Have fun with it!