Stellar Ways to Start Your Day

Enrich and enhance your morning routine.

You. Calm + focused + connected.

Here’s something simple you can do in your mornings that will plug you into a deep well of inner wisdom + have a profound effect on the quality and direction of your day (and ultimately your life).


What You’ll Do

You’ll experience the same time honored and tested practices I use to stay calm + focused + connected in just minutes a day.

Explore different ways to press your start button through;

  • meditation
  • energywork
  • breathwork
  • guided awareness
  • + some creative surprises

These powerful practices can be life changing + I really am serious when I say they only take a few minutes a day.

How It’s Set Up

  • There are 7 different ways to play.
  • Each practice has a short lesson + practice review, and actual practice itself is separate. Originally it was set up to preview the day before and practice the following morning. But you can use them however you wish.
  • Lessons and practices are available in both written and audio format so you can follow along in whatever way makes sense to you.
  • Plan to spend about 5 minutes first thing each morning using the various practices. Play with one practice over several days or even a week and see how it feels. Keep what works for you. Let the rest go.


And it’s free

It’s my gift to you in the hopes you can take these simple practices and use them to enrich and enhance your morning routine and impact the quality of your day to day life.


It’s easy. Just click the button and get access now.

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