Sometimes I dream in the day.  I dream about different possibilities and exciting adventures.

When I was young I used to dream of getting my own horse. I would see myself riding that horse along the side of the road next to our car as we drove to various destinations.  Me and my horse would gallop along, jumping fences when there were fences, and swimming lakes when there were lakes. They were just happy little day dreams, but ya know what?  That day dream came true when I was about 16 years old.  I got my own horse.

As a grown up, I still dream in the day.  I see myself playing my cello in front of a crowd, I see myself traveling and teaching women how to take better care of themselves through yoga and its many gifts. And once upon a time… not so long ago, I saw myself going back to my yoga school to support new students in learning the art and science of yoga.

Sometimes dreaming seems like living in a fantasy world, not grounded in reality.  But those grown up dreams I dream are becoming my reality.

With lots of hard work I’ve learned to play the cello pretty-darn-well, I’m even playing in front of small crowds. I am traveling and, I am teaching women how to care for themselves with yoga. Then just a few weeks ago, I went back to my yoga school to support students in learning the art and science of yoga.

Dreams- they’re like wishes. (As I type this, I’ve totally got this song running through my head.)



My wish for you… keep on dreaming, and wishing, and moving in the direction you most want to go. Because you never know when, “The dreams that you wish will come true.”

Happy dreaming!