It may have happened to you.

You feel it in the pit of your heart the moment you realize… you let yourself down.

If I’m honest, it happens to me more often than I care to admit.

I didn’t do yoga like I told myself I would. I didn’t make it out the door for a quick walk before it started pouring down rain. I ate the donut even after I told myself I would stick to veggies this week.

I slip up. I fall down. And then… I feel guilty.

I don’t know how it is for you. But,

Guilt trips aren’t good for me. I have a great distaste at feeling them. In fact if someone tries to guilt me into doing something… I will defiantly turn around and do the opposite.

That’s just who I am.

Imagine how that plays out when it’s me, guilting me, about needing to take better care of me.

I turn around and… I do the opposite.

I keep not showing up for my workout or eating stuff I’m not supposed to because I’m stressed out or feeling like a bad person for not living up to my own expectations.

So, how would it be different if I just didn’t go down the guilt road?

What if instead of feeling guilty I gave myself a pass.

What if instead of feeling like I’m a bad person I pat myself on the back for allowing myself to be human.

How would I change if I was no longer required to feel bad about being imperfect?

What if I loved myself through – the letting myself down?


So, my thought for you today is…

Listen to your inner voice when you’ve made a mistake or let yourself down.

Notice the words you’re saying to yourself, the words that you’re using against yourself.

Be aware of how that makes you feel inside. What does that feel like in your heart, in your gut, when you talk to yourself that way?

Once you become aware of that, then pause and take a deep breath in and let it out.

Do that again. And do it one more time. So, three deep breaths, in and out.

Next wrap your arms around yourself like your giving yourself a hug and repeat after me…

“It’s okay if I’m not perfect. I love myself anyway.”

You can repeat that three times. The first time say it out loud. The second time do it as a whisper. And third time do it as a silent thought in your head.

Hold yourself a little longer.

Love yourself through- the letting yourself down.