Over the years as I moved through and then out of chronic anxiety, I learned a lot about healing.  You might think that because I teach yoga and credit it with helping me through it all that I would tell you yoga is THE answer.  But I won’t.  The truth is…


Healing is not a one man show.

I give yoga a lot of credit for helping me transform my anxiety because it put the tools in my own hands and taught me how to take care of myself. But it wasn’t the only healing modality I used.  I had a team of folks helping me.

I saw massage therapists, energy workers, and a skilled acupuncturist in addition to my regular MD. I also used essential oils daily. Each one of these provided insight and elements that helped me to heal.

When you have a team working together to help you… you begin to build a network of self care and support to encourage you along the way.


Here are some the members on my personal self care team.


Kathy Gamel ~ Licensed Massage Therapist and awesome human being. She specializes in Myofacial Release and Reiki and you’ll leave her office feeling mighty fine.

Kristen Daschke ~ Licensed Massage Therapist and Essential Oils Specialist.  There is nothing quite like getting doused in essential oils during Raindrop Therapy. Try it.  You’ll like it.

The Acupuncture Center ~ Dr David Yoo and Dr Kim provide the most excellent care for Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, and Chiropractic.  I visit regularly because it helps me stay balanced and I feel amazing after a treatment.

Young Living Essential Oils~ The best quality oils you can buy.  I’ve used them for 12 years and I adore them.  Give me a shout if you’d like to learn more about oils, or you’d like to get your oils at wholesale. If you don’t have questions and you just want to set up an wholesale account, you can do that right here.


My favorite home self care practices.

-essential oils

-moving my body, breathing, meditation, and chanting(aka yoga)

-playing my cello

-a soak in a hot bath with salts and oils


-time with friends

-snuggling with my four legged friends

-a leisurely walk


That’s all y’all!

What are your favorite self care practices?