Do you ever notice yourself worrying about the future or pining for the past? When you get caught up in any moment other than the one that you’re actually in, you loose your ability to be present and enjoy the life you have.

Dogs on the other hand … seem to have mastered the art of presence.  Here’s a lesson from Angus the French Bulldog. Pay special attention to his level of awareness and his chill, relaxed state.

Isn’t it pretty outside today mom?

Frenchie 1


Look at those people over there…

Frenchie 2


Look at that bug…

Frenchie 4


Those flowers sure are pretty…

Frenchie 6


Can I have a sip of your drink?

Frenchie 7

When you slip off into worry about the future, or dive into stories about your past, you leave this moment.  It’s like you travel forward or back in time, and that keeps you from being present.

So take a page from Angus’s book.  When you catch yourself slipping into worry about what’s coming tomorrow or later today,  bring yourself back to this moment.  If you catch yourself slipping into the glory days of the past, bring yourself back to this moment.

Look at a bug, smell the flowers, enjoy tea with a friend, and become a master of this moment.

Angus the French Bulldog lives with his brothers Harley and Hank and his awesome humans.  He enjoys sunbathing, going for walks, taking naps, and watching the paint dry on his moms paintings.