5 Tips to Keep Your

Holiday Jolly.

Stress. It can be just like the Grinch, swooping in to steal your happy holiday.

So, as the holidays come into full swing with their bright lights, marathon shopping trips, and holiday gatherings- keep these helpful tips in mind.

1- Eat well

When you are pressed for time + surrounded by delicious holiday treats, it’s super easy to slip into a pattern of eating on the run, not to mention eating just for fun!

Make an effort to fill your body with good-for-you food,  and your body will respond by supplying you with the calm sustained energy you need to tackle your holiday season with ease.

For success plan and prepare your healthy options ahead of time.   That way you’ll have them handy for meals and snacking at the exact moment you need them.

Now that you have a fueling station filled with good-for-you food, go ahead and enjoy some holiday goodies too. Be selective, choose your favorites and do so in moderation to avoid sugar induced highs and lows.

Be sure to enjoy every treat to the fullest. No guilt. Just love.

2- Rest

If your to-do list has become as long as Santa’s world wide naughty and nice data base, you may be tempted to run longer, stronger, and faster in an effort to try to get it all done.  Don’t.

Make rest a priority. When you give your body the rest it requires (and maybe even a little more) it will pay you back in full with a clearer, sharper mind, and the feel good hormones of a super hero.

Go to bed on time + give yourself a boost for better sleep with an aromatherapy bath or some sleepy-time yoga moves.


Next time you are feeling especially harried, stop and notice your breath.  It’s likely that you aren’t breathing. (Ok, you ARE still breathing,  you’re just not doing it very well.) 

You might notice your breath is shallow- as if you’re barely breathing, or your breath may be uneven or unsteady.

Disrupted breathing tells your body that something is wrong and sets off the danger Will Robinson alarm, causing more stress.

On the other hand, breathing that is smooth and flowing tells your body that all is well and activates calming responses that help you feel relaxed and content.

Give stress a hefty kick in the pants by taking just one minute to connect with your breath.  It’s like pushing the reset button on your computer, wiping away stress and letting you start again refreshed and ready to go.

Just keep breathing. Everything will be okay.

4- Move

Stress builds up in your system.  Think about the pressure that builds up in a volcano before it blows, and imagine having that kind of pressure in your body.  Perhaps you should let off a little steam?

Heading out for a quick walk, dancing around the house, or hitting the treadmill for a run is a great way to release the stress that builds up in your body.

Stress is also really good at creating tension in your body. In return, tension causes more stress. Can you see where I’m going with this?

Tight muscles really appreciate a little love and attention. Gentle movement, stretching, or yoga will do wonders for how your body feels, and when your body feels better, you feel better. Yup.

You don’t need to carve out a whole lotta time to move. When you’re really busy a little movement goes a long way. Try to work in several 5, 10, or 15 minute movement brakes into your day.

Don’t forget to crank those holiday tunes. They will make moving much more fun.

5- Just Say No

The holidays not only bulk up your personal and family to-do list, they also provide many opportunities to help others. You may get asked to help with holiday projects, events, and parties. Helping others rocks for sure, however… there is only so much you can do in a day.

When you feel tempted to take on more, and more, and then possibly some more… think it through first.

-Do you have the time in your schedule to take on this new task?

-Do you have the energy + mental and emotional oomph to handle it?

-Is this somewhere that you really want to spend your time, or are you just saying yes to be nice?

This tip isn’t just about helping others with their stuff.  It also applies to how you decorate your home, prepare holiday meals, and do your shopping.

Be selective in how you choose to spend your time. Don’t overload your schedule with mundane tasks, instead make clear choices to do the things that are meaningful to you.


Take extra good care of yourself, and enjoy every minute of the holiday season.

Any holiday survival tips you’d like to share?  Go for it!