Can you believe it’s already February?

The month of candy hearts, red roses, and valentines. The month where treating yourself seems like the natural thing to do.

Today I ordered some special treats from my favorite bakery. My mouth is already anticipating the deliciousness.

You know that feeling? Anticipation.

When you’re looking so forward to something that you’re heart is practically overflowing with joy + excitement?

Sometimes it’s the little things that do it- like treats from your favorite bakery.

Sometimes it’s the bigger things- like that brilliant idea you have about redecorating your living room.

Or maybe, the thought of a warm embrace from your one true love when he’s been away for a while.

These sweet moments all have something in common.

~ Love

Anticipation is the chaperon to love.

In all its forms LOVE brings us the things we crave most.

Comfort and connection – joy and sweetness.

When we tap into the qualities of love, we tap into pure joy.
Want to experience more joy in your life?

Explore, embrace, and be grateful for –

All the things, the people, and the activities you truly love.
Because, it’s just like the song says… Love IS the answer.

(warning: the previous link contains iconic 70’s album covers featuring, authentic hair styles and mustaches + clothing of the time.  Up to date stylish folks who live in the year 2013 may find this slightly offensive.)