Viniyoga Mentoring

I’ve been helping people move better and feel younger and happier with Viniyoga for over a decade.


  • those who wish to develop or deepen a personal yoga practice that they can do at home.
  • those who wish to learn the of the art and science of Viniyoga through personal or formal study.

I am certified as a Viniyoga Teacher and Viniyoga Therapist with the American Viniyoga Institute and served on the staff their Foundations Teacher Training Program.

You can expect a relaxed teaching style and extensive knowledge in a broad range of yoga related topics- delivered in easy to understand language and applied in a way that works for you.

Viniyoga mentoring is right for you if…

  • you want to increase your level of physical and mental well-being using yoga related tools.
  • you prefer learning one on one over doing the group class thing.
  • you have 30-60 minutes to dedicate to your home practice- and will do it.
  • you are ready to explore who you are and how you interact with daily stress and the difficult people in your life.
  • you are ready to have experiences that will inform your choices about how you care for yourself- and take responsibility for your own well-being as you choose what works best for you- verses being told what you SHOULD do.
Viniyoga Mentoring is NOT for you if…
  • you can’t or won’t commit to practicing yoga at home.
  • you don’t like spending time with yourself and your deepest-inner-most thoughts.
  • you want a hard-core workout with super-bendy-pretzel poses.
  • you prefer to learn in a group setting.
  • you want to be told specifically what to do and when + how to do it.


For your success and learning I ask for a 3 month commitment – meeting weekly. The cost is $900 if paid in full, or monthly payments of $335.

Sessions are 45 minutes and are done over the phone, or via skype. Recordings of phone sessions are available if requested ahead of time.

You will need to purchase books from an outside source for study. Cost of books will be around $100.

Viniyoga is based on self-study and self-observation. Because of this- phone and skype sessions work very well. If you would like to meet in person – private weekend intensives are available for those who live in the Kansas City area – or those willing to travel for a weekend.

To book sessions or ask a question about Viniyoga mentoring contact me via the form at the bottom of this page. Please put “Viniyoga” in the subject line.

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