I’m totally into spinach. So I nearly fell off my chair when a friend invited me to visit her at the Spinach Festival in Lenexa, Kansas.

Spinach + Festival? Who knew there was such a thing! (squeals with delight! ) 

(I used to have terrible anxiety. For anxious me, going to anything that contained the word ‘Festival’ was N-E-V-E-R ok. So this outing + me kicking anxiety in the pants! Big yay!)

Early on a Saturday morning I headed out.  For spinach. All by my little ol’ self!

I hiked it from the parking lot to the festival (anxious me would say – hiking is bad! ), in the heat (anxious me thinks – heat is bad! ), strait into a crowd of… people (anxious me – crowds are bad! ). But… anxious me was not present, so who cares what she says anyways. HA!

Spinach festivals are not just about…

 the spinach!

They’re also about tiny dancing girls tapping their little hearts out on stage in pink leotards with sweet grandmas and friendly onlookers enjoying every minute of it.  (Take it away girls!)

Spinach festivals are also about three beautiful sisters who make the most amazing felted purses you have ever… felt! Bright colors with beautiful antique pins, made with love love love.  (Yes, I bought one. No, you can’t have it.)

Spinach festivals are also about sparkly blossoms made out of recycled glass dishes.  I’ve never seen such a beautiful yard decoration in my life!

In other glass,… I stopped by to visit my sweet friend ( the one who invited me to the spinach festivities) at Cabana Glass and snagged a lovely heart shaped necklace to match my outfit and a Christmas ornament for my sister. (Shhh… it’s a surprise, don’t tell!)

Apparently at spinach festivals you can also find antiques and unique handmade jewelry (which makes a perfect gift for your best friend who will be visiting in a few weeks).  Dee Dee has lovely design taste don’t you think?

Did I mention the Mariachi Band?  (MARIACHI BAND!)  Three talented musicians walking about in full Spanish regalia spreading joy- far and near. (Does anyone else hear mariachi music right now?)

And the piesta resistance at the Lenexa Spinach Festival?  The largest spinach salad you’ve ever seen! The fact that it was mostly gone by the time I got there is a testament to the magnetic power of spinach. Folks were eating this stuff up!

I ate it up too. It was delicious.

Oh! Spinach Festival! You get three cheers from me!  Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

I’ve heard…

There is a Raspberry Festival in Idaho, a Sasquatch Festival in Washington, and a Tulip Festival in Holland .

Are there any cool festivals in your neck of the woods?  Just in case, you know, I wanna kick anxiety in the pants and give it a go!