Wasps. I’ve been seeing a lot of them this year. Like everywhere.

At dinner parties, in bushes, on screens, inside my car, and outside my car.

They even moved in behind my window shutter with a sweet view of my front door.

And every time I go outside a wasp is sitting there… staring me down.

Not. So. Calming.

I decided to look up what a visit from a wasp means in totem animals, in case I was missing something.

The wasp represents dreams fulfilled.

And then I began to ponder if perhaps I should have better dreams.

Not that my current dreams were bad or anything, but if my dreams were indeed to be fulfilled wouldn’t it be prudent to be sure those dreams are actually something I wanted?


The dreams you dream

How often do we dream of things thinking ‘if only’ yet when it comes right down to it, if we’re deeply honest that is, we aren’t willing to do what it would take to fulfill that dream.

Because when we truly want something in our lives, we go out there and we get it. Right?

And if we don’t yet have it + we aren’t taking active strides to make it happen, maybe the reality is that somewhere deep inside, that dream isn’t what we really want.

Dreams can be slippery because they are often jaded by what we think we ‘should’ want. And what we ‘should’ want can be influenced by our family, our friends, our culture, television, social media, our beliefs about what success is and what it looks like, and child hood fairy tales.


-I want a castle, and a prince, and a happily ever after.

-I want to be a famous singer and live in a mansion with a pool and room for a pony.

-I want money to fall endlessly from the sky so I can buy anything and everything my heart desires.

My point. Are any of those things you think you want, actually true?


Example: I want to have a barn full of ponies. It hasn’t happened. If I look behind that dream, I realize that I know what comes with the ponies. Tons of responsibility including twice a day feedings- rain, shine, or blizzard it must happen, vet bills, stall cleaning, and well… a whole lot more. If I’m totally honest with myself, right now, I don’t want the responsibility of having ponies again.



Is it a dream or is it a feeling?

What if you were to sink down deep into yourself, and ask… what is behind this dream I have?

Is this dream I want a thing, or is it the feeling?

When you take the time to look behind your dreams they often boil down to something much simpler.

A deep desire of the way you want to feel in your life.


If I look behind any of my dreams it’s like opening a magic portal to my soul.


-I want to feel happy + have fun.

-I want to be loved and feel connected to the people I love.

-I want to be healthy to move and sing and play every single day of this life.

-I want to help others find that same level of happiness and joy.

-I want to enjoy freedom to create beautiful things without being tied down to the expectations of myself or others.


Maybe that’s too simple a dream.

But I’m betting if I strive to achieve those simple things in my life, many of my more outward ‘dreams’ may just decide come along for the ride.

Live a happy life- from your heart. The rest will follow.

Happy dreams!


What is the feeling beneath your dreams?  Leave a comment below.