Smiling.  It’s good for your soul and the souls of all those around you. I’m not talking about the smile on your face (though your’s is beautiful). The smile I’m referring to is the one in your heart.

The ancient yogis and sages talk about the inner smile. That sense of happiness and contentment that brings with it a certain kind of peace.

We all seek it, and when we have it life is good.

Yet, maintaining it can be a tricky task.

Because living can be a wild ride. Up and down.

There may be times when you put a smile on your face even when you aren’t smiling on the inside- just so others won’t know how you really feel.

Or it might be that your mood shifts around, as if it were a grocery bag on the wind. Moving from grumpy, to giddy – silly, to empty and sad.

It’s normal for our moods to shift. But it is nice when they stay a little more stable.

The main goal of yoga is to create more stability, that sense of total well being.

Those poses you see – when used properly –  create more stability in your body. Focus, breath, sound, stillness, and intention (the other yoga-y stuff) create more stability in your mind, emotions, and spiritual states.

A stable mood is a sign that you are doing something right.

Stability comes from practice.

You might practice practice yoga, breathing and all that other yoga-y stuff to bring more stability to your system. Or it could be that you practice something else that draws out that stable state of being- like art, playing music, or hanging out with your grand kids.

Each of us is unique, so we will find that state of stability in different ways. But I can tell you this…

If you consistently participate in activities you enjoy, try the things you’ve always wanted to try, and take good care of yourself (rest, food, movement), that state of inner smile can become your normal state of being.

Doing things you love, having fun, and caring for yourself, will plug you in to your whole heart, that place of joy and fulfillment. It charges up your system with happy energy that will keep you and carry you through the days.

So keep smiling.

Inside and out.

What makes you smile on the inside?  

Do tell.