Here we are.  Sitting smack dab in a bright shinny new year. (And it’s really cold! Brrrr!)

Even though it’s freezing outside, I am really enjoying stepping into the NEW of this New Year. But, it hasn’t always been that way.

For a long, long time, I bought into the hype that a NEW YEAR meant making goals and resolutions to transform my life and myself into something magical and better!

The reality of that hype…

I always set goals and resolutions that belonged to the TV marketing campaigns, rather than setting them from the yearnings and desires from my heart.

They usually went something like this …

– go on a diet
– lose 20 pounds
– organize your house
– join a gym
– stop eating cookies (or anything tasty)
– don’t yell at your kids, and on and on….

Making resolutions never really worked out the way it was supposed to. I would end up failing to reach my goal, and then I’d just slap a self induced label on my forehead that read “not good enough”.

So, I stopped making resolutions.

I do this instead…

I set intentions. I set feelings.  I set fun things to do and try.

Everything that I “set” makes my heart go ZING!

Nothing that I “set” has a timetable or result stamped on it.  It is simply something for me to be aware of and explore during the year.

So here’s how my new year New Year is shaping up!

-A word to guide my year: Wisdom

-A feeling to guide my choices: Love (see this)

-How I want to feel this year:  Open, Spacious, Easy

-Three areas in my life I want to expand: In my biz life I want to get cozy with being seen, in my personal life I want to play with paint and music, for my health I want to do better at rest and self care.

-And one more for good measure: To finish. As a creative spirit, I have collected a house full of unfinished creative projects. This year I am going to work on finishing things, and letting go of things that aren’t finished, and no longer make my heart sing.

(Ok, so, it’s true that within the guidelines shaped above my year may develop some more distinct goals. However, all those goals are totally shift-able when they start to fall outside the guidelines, and that’s the point.  To allow my goals a little room to shift- grow- adjust as needed. Yup.)

That’s it + it feels really open, spacious, and easy.  (So I know it must be right!)

Your turn

Fill in the blanks…

-A word to guide my year:

-A feeling to guide my choices:

-How I want to feel this year:

-Three areas in my life I want to improve:

-And one more for good measure:

Many blessings to you in this beautiful New Year.


Credits: Photo by theRYEstudio