Today my body hurt. And my legs felt wonky- as if they couldn’t remember what to do.

I knew this was the result of multiple events over the weekend that were very physical- lifting heavy objects over and over- bending and holding unnatural positions for longer than was, well… natural.

My body was not happy.

Rather than sit around and feel miserable, I went for a walk.

Ten minutes in and this bod… just wasn’t feeling it.

So, I said to myself…

“You are not required to go the distance. It’s ok to give your body a break. Just do your short walk.”

I intended to turn around at the 15-minute mark which would give me a total of 30 minutes- my short walk.

But when I got there my body had shifted out of its funk. So, I continued onward to complete my long walk. Yay!

I have a body that doesn’t always react well to over-doing.

I’ve learned to be kind and gentle with it.

That doesn’t mean I give up and do nothing.

I ask myself to try it. And then I give myself permission to do less, if less feels like the right choice that day.

Who says you have to go fast, or far to gain benefit from moving your body? (No, seriously, who said that?)

Everything counts.

Every walk to the mailbox. Every trip up the stairs. Every 60 second dance party in the middle of the kitchen.

You are not required to go the distance.

Just do what you can, when you can, for as long as you can.

And then give yourself a hug.

Well done. <3