I woke one Saturday morning and began surfing the internet. After about an hour my connection was lost. It happens sometimes. So I went through the normal steps for getting my connection up and running again.

No luck.

I woke my husband from his Saturday sleep-in and said, “I can’t get the internet to work.”

He asked the ever-so-wise question… “Was the phone working?” I checked. No dial tone.

Awe crumbs!

No dial tone = no internet connection.

I called the telephone company.

They assured me that our line would be fixed by 7:30 pm.

7:30… PM? What the heck!

How was I gonna survive without my internet connection?

I wrote. I watched movies on DVD. I felt disconnected.

We all crave connection.

We are surrounded by people at work, at home, at the grocery, but rather than connecting with the people right in front of us. There is a growing, shall I say… epidemic of choosing to make virtual connections with folks via a computer (in one form or another).

Instant messages, Texts, Facebook, Twitter…

It begs the question.

Are we losing the old time-y art of making real life connections?

What do you think?

How ’bout heading to town for a community dance?  Popping over to the neighbors for iced lemonade and live harmonica music on the front porch?

Who’s up for tea and biscuits?