We’re just a week into the new year and I’ve been taking it slow and easy.

Really, the slow and easy thing started last fall as a way to create space for my mind to percolate, because things felt like they were changing.

The one constant in the universe is change. When I sense something within me wants to make a shift- I know it’s time to slow down and listen to what my soul is has to tell me.  So, I’ve spent quite a bit of time quiet, reflective, and listening carefully.

If you know me, you know that I don’t look at a new year as a time for new years resolutions of setting goals.  For me it’s about starting fresh.  Feeling the energy and the space that I want to embody as I move forward in my life and business.

Years ago my entry in to a new year was often full of excitement + promises made to myself. Promises to be some kind of better version of myself- usually thinner, sometimes tidier, once I even promised not to yell- but those promises for the most part were left unkept.  Which always left me feeling more unworthy + unlovable than I was when I made the promise to begin with.

If you think about change and it’s constant + seemingly effortless presence in our lives- the weather, the mood of your children or significant other, the amount of cash available in your bank account, or even the color of the sky- you may wonder why it can be so difficult to change your own less-than-perfect habits and behaviors.

I mean… if change is constant + seemingly effortless, shouldn’t changing ourselves be easy?

The reality is that transforming a habit, behavior or reaching a goal can and should be just as effortless as a change in the weather.  The problem is that we often chase after the wrong thing. As a result, we don’t achieve the ‘result’ that we were trying to get.

By that I mean, we THINK we want to be thinner, when in reality what we really want might be to have more energy, or move more freely in our body, or be loved by someone.  We THINK we want to have more money when in reality what we really want might be to feel safe and secure, have the freedom to travel, or be able to do the kind of work that makes us feel happy and useful.

When you grasp at what you THINK you want rather than what you actually want, you set yourself up to fail.

Say for instance your goal is to be thin, but what you really want is to feel better and move better in your body.  Working to ‘be thin’ might manifest as over exercising and not eating enough which could cause you to feel tired + achy and might even leave you feeling so stiff you can hardly move.  If what you really wanted was to feel good and move better, the result you got is not what you where truly aiming for.

Is this making sense?

If instead, you took some time to ponder and understand what you truly want and you say to yourself, “I want to feel better and move better in my body” then you could start exploring ways to move and eat that make you + your body feel fabulous.  As you do that you will find your self succeeding at your goal with much less effort and much more success because you are focused on the right thing.

So as you move in to the new year… go gently. Take time + create some space to listen for what you truly want in your life.  Feel the energy and space you want to embody, and move forward with ease toward your desired outcome.

Hey, and just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean you have to get-moving-right-this-second.

Anytime is a good time to start fresh.


What energy and space do you want to embody in the coming year?  Post your thoughts in the comments below.